MAN FAE 9.136 Camper Truck

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Hello everyone,

I've been reading here for a long time, and like to thanks everyone for great tips and ideas.

Me and my wife bought this ex-electricity Company truck in last december. It was really sad looking, stood there 6-7 years.

I made decision to buy this although it was not possible to test drive it. Afterwards it turned out to be good decision. We didn't have any future plans for this, and I wanted it just for fun :)


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Ooh, excellent. I've been reading your thread over on the Finnish off-road forum with quite a bit of interest.

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Sorry for a very long delay...

We bought and mounted an old service box which was allready converted to camper. Last summer we did a short test drive over Europe. 3 weeks and 10000 kilometers :) Everything went very well.

Here is a picture from last summer. Somewhere in Croatia.


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Some progress happened!
When we mounted living box to truck frame, I left a 50cm (20”) gap between truck cabin and living box. I had some thoughts of mounting space for a spare tire and some tool boxes.
But, as always, plans change, and I was hoping we have some crawl trough section here. The easiest way to do this is to relocate the living box. However I decided to add some living space by opening the box front wall and building new frame from 50x50x4 pipe. Insulation is 50mm foam. Outside is 3mm aluminium panel and inside is 4mm plywood.



Originally this box was mounted the other way round so opening for technical space was towards truck cabin. Now this is relocated to left side of the living box. I fabricated new hatch from scrap aluminium, and insulated this with same 50mm foam.


All the technical stuff, including batteries, water tank, water pump, water heater, 24v->230vdc inverter and battery charger is under the 200cm X 140cm bed. Battery capacity is 2x 180Ah, but I wish I had a little bit more.

Everything works with electricity. 230vdc cooker,230vdc fridge with freezer box and water heater. Water pump continually pressurise the system. We also varry an 1kw Honda EU10 generator with us. I am also mounting 2x 275W solar panel to the roof.
Main idea behind fully electornic, not gas system is there is allways place where to buy diesel, but with gas it is little bit problematic somewhere in most remote places.

PS. I’m sorry for my bad english. I hope you can still understand what I am trying to say.

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Couple of more photos from our last summer road rip. We went trough Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and then back to home in Finland.

Some where in Estonia
Maybe in Romania. Nice place to Camp
Yep, thats my wife there
And Me, full filling our water tank.
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Jarkko E.

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Jarkko E.

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Some progress again

New bed frame. Lifted it 25cm(10") and now we have room to double our water tank and battery capasity.

I made new headboard (or legboard? =)) between kitchen and bed. Headboard works also as a bracket for a kitchen shelf and for a clothing shelf above bed. Board is made from 20mm plywood.