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Could someone advise if there are self contained groups that travel to remote parts of this land. Not much experience so am thinking it might be safer travelling with others.
Vehicle is quite capable but there's no substitute for experience.
Hi I will be doing the trip in July. Leaving Brisbane 24 th and heading north to Bedourie and then across to Mt Dare and and back across the Simpson. Mitsubishi Canter and Land Cruiser ute. Have done the trip before and is a great experience.
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Some pic's and a bit of a story about your rig
Would be nice ...

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Better late....

Unit is a MAN TGM 13.290 single cab fitted with custom body on subframe independent of chassis. Engineered to carry 4 people using the original ISRI seats in cab and another two in the body. Enerdrive inverter set up with lithium batteries, 6 solar panels, Onan generator, fishing rod holder mounted on top of body, induction cooktop, composting toilet, shower...

image.jpg image.jpg
IMG_0044.jpg Currently fitting engineered motorbike carrier.
If there's anyone with similar vehicle contact me on PM for details. It will not be gratis :roost:
Any details on the spare tire carrier?

That looks like a neat setup!
Thanks again Dan!
Yes the idea for mounting the spare came from Jesse James' rig that I came across online. I didnt relish the thought of putting that mass 3.5 m above the ground. It's mounted on an arm with winch operation to the ground.
Has anyone done the run from the east to west coast of Fraser Is from The Pinnacles to Woralie Creek. Road looks good for the first 3 k's. Problem is 3.7 m height. I'll recce it tomorrow on the bike
IMG_3439.jpg IMG_8991.jpg Should have done what I said, but after recce on foot for 3 Kms all seemed good until we reached the rain forest. Road up to Knifeblade Sandblow is very good but from there it's not really suited for an elephant EV, sorry MAN. Didn't spot the tree root and voila, broke the central mount block on the AIR CTI on the rear wheel. Shouldn't be hard to fix, IF I HAD THE PART. Made it to Lake Allom and viewed turtles but not game to proceed to Woralie Creek.