Market for $80k complete truck and camper - mini earthroamer?

Saw this guy cruising through town yesterday and managed to snap a pic. I don't have a clue what it is but 4x4 econolibe frobt and single rear wheels.


it s a Canadian Adventurer 19RD. 19 foot lenght made in vancouver. It as a 4X4 conversion and lift most likely. They are actually decent on gas as narrower than usual class C.

They are build solid as they are the biggest rental company in canada. Decent machine!
Winnebago has the new Revel for you. It looks like a winner except for no propane or underhood generator.

There ya go, Winnebago already makes it. Little more than 80k but you are getting a sprinter chassis and in a few years you can get a used one for 80k.
$134,799 starting isn't exactly a little more than 80k least in my tax bracket

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Outside Vans start at $89K.
Those are nice! Really 89 isn't a lot, well it is, but compared to how expensive new trucks are nowadays.
It is, but it isn't in the big scheme of things.

I like that it doesn't have a lot of built-ins, leaves the floor plan open for gear. I don't care for a lot of a stove and sink, takes up so much room. Where a camp stove and a jug of water works fine, gives you the option to use inside (with the proper ventilation of course *stating so I don't get scorned by the internet gods ;) )...or out. Don't care for inside toilets, do you take a chit in the middle of your kitchen and/or bedroom at home? Inside showers just make everything else wet inside the camper. Move all that stuff outside in a privy.

Though a "dirt bag" version would be a gasser RWD Transit with a block lift, and an electronic locker. Which is probably all you need as you aren't going to take those big 4WD vans on anything too too gnarly off-road.

I can find Transits all day long under $30K. Betcha you could be into a nice little camper conversion for under $40K when everything is said and done, if you don't get too stupid...yeah the Transits don't get as good as gas mileage as the Sprinters, however, I just saved $49K going that route over the Merc OV...lotsa money left over for fuel. :D


Ford sells wall liners from the factory, or the aftermarket...

You can buy precut insulated wall liners $2000 or less. Would take a lot more abuse than the textile materials OV uses. The textile look is cool, and probably meant to feel cozy, but I need something that can take some use and abuse. Don't quite understand the whole luxury interior thing to go camping in. Just going to drag in in dirt, dust, and mud in it...and the occasional plume of camp fire smoke...

Or insulate it yourself, and do those molded poly-liners, bunch of options out there if you do some diggin'.

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Earth roamer on a budget

If you can find a lance 830 and drop it in a Ford F 350 4x4 you will have the same floor plan, European windows and cabinets as the EM for 25% of the cost
Great thread. We actually fall within your demographic and found ourselves in the position of wanting an off-road capable rig. After owning everything from ground tents, RTT, bumper pull, Class C and Truck Camper (No fifth wheel due not being able to go off road) We've learned a lot of lessons on and off the road and wanted some very specific features and capabilities. 4wd, less then 20 ft in length, class C walk thru cab design, US chassis, aluminum/fiberglass construction, interior wetbath (if your traveling with lady, this is critical sooner or later....) and normal amenities (stove, hot water, heat and storage) we looked at all the new rigs on the market and quickly determined their biggest issue was price and the reality of banging around on the trails in a $160k rig would get old very quickly. And for our demographic, the single biggest issue is paying it off, no debt. So, we choose to track down an older camper and restore it. We found a 1995 Provan Tiger on a K2500 4wd Chevy chassis. We lightened the interior and components, added a 3 inch suspension lift, had the mechanics completely redone. We've already covered about 15 states and countless off-road and forest road destinations. Will it do the metal masher, no. But it has no problems with the vast number of easy trails that get you into the back country. Also, I'd say 4wd is necessary on these types of rigs. Not so much for mud bogging, but to reduce the stress loads when tackling steep and rocky trails. I guess in the end your business idea has to bring together a vast array of complex issues other then price. Good luck!


Wait til you have to make an evasive maneuver at 65 mph on the interstate to dodge a load of logs in the middle of the road at night. You will probably change your mind if you live through it. It happened to me and I am glad I wasn't overloaded. Brakes worked perfectly and the steering components did not fail. It performed just like the engineers designed it to. Your truck was not designed for that load so good luck to you.
Lance, hi, I just purchased the same exact setup as ZB29 has but have larger E rated tires. What is wrong with my setup carrying 4500 lb camper? Ram says we can carry up to 5830 lbs payload.

Am I missing something?
Your not missing anything. Most of the guys on here want the bare minimum. Basically they want a hard side tent in the back of a truck. Most on here won't admit that 90% of there driving is on pavement. 9% is on well maintained gravel or dirt roads. 1% is true rough stuff. I live on 175 acres on a dirt road. I have taken my SRT8 Charger over roads and fields, yes fields that everyone else would say you need 4x4 to go. It all depends on your experience, I have been doing this for 45 years plus. Enjoy your truck your going to love it.

Check with the guys in Africa and South America that are actually doing it. They will give the same percentages I did. Some people really want the bare minimum and others can't afford any more so they bad mouth it. This is America, do what you want. My truck and camper are very small to me because I have traveled in 45ft DP. My wife just informed me that the TC is fine but for long trips we also need another coach. Time to start shopping.
#74 An alternative now available in US,,excellent light weight campers

6F102D43-CEA2-448C-ADB6-2256ABCC4AA1.jpg 39E41145-F669-47F2-9F99-6327E3C1F054.jpg

Better pictures, The day it was deliver by the owner of the company to my house in Texas.
If you already own a 4x4 pickup, then there are some great options already mentioned, as well as others, for slide in or flatbed... and they are removeable, so for economic efficiency, you don't need a dedicated vehicle...that just sits... it's your every day driving vehicle that gets converted to camping... some trade offs, always, but it is efficient as heck...

For a dedicated vehicle... it is really hard to argue with a 4x4van, ford or Mercedes...the short wheelbase versions will go as far and deep off-road as most consumers are willing to go.....

Mini earthroamer? What exactly do you mean? Do you mean the layout and bed over cab style? What is it about the earthroamer you like or want?
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