Massive caves in Utah's West Desert

Nice sensible truck. I like that there's no silly RTT or trailer. Yours is the best way to travel out to the West Desert: light and simple. The Lucin Cut-off is fun. Recommend continuing SW and checking out the eastern slopes of the Deep Creek range. Granite Creek Canyon is just one of many awesome options. It would be really freakin' cold in the winter, though. Also fun is Grouse Creek--Claude Dallas is rumored to live around there. It's a neat little town that's at least 20 miles off the paved road. There's a little grocery store/hair salon in town where you can stop in for a soda and a chat with the locals. You can continue up into Idaho from there or head west towards Jarbidge.
Thanks! She's a fun Cruiser. And thanks for the tip, I've really been wanting to get down by the Deep Creek Range. It's definitely on my radar. And I'll have to check out Grouse Creek! I love little places like that.
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