Maxtrax mounted as a fairing when not in use

I've been trying to figure out where I want to mount my @MAXTRAX , and had the idea to mount them across the front of my roof rack where they could act as a fairing while driving. I need to build a fairing for my rack anyways. Opinions? Is this a dumb idea? Brilliant idea?



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I don't think using them as a fairing is a totally bad idea. Not sure how well they'd work not being particularly smooth surfaces aerodynamically but having gear fill multiple roles is always good. The problem is getting to them easily when bogged. As you visualize the mounting think about trying to climb over the windshield of your Cruiser with it stuck in the mud.


Functional - yes
Aesthetics - definitely no

I assume install and removal could be done by standing on floorboard inside drivers and passenger side doors

Just one guys opinion

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I see an aerodynamic problem with sound created by all the rough surfaces and holes. Interesting idea though. Removal could be an issue in times of required use. Mount them on the front bumper, easier to get to them.


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Gave me pause my tepui is a brick upthere, anything would help really

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IMHO not worth the effort to fab a mounting solution. Then there is the potential issue of putting them back up after use maybe with crud on them?


I'm with chet- I'd give it a shot. Maybe just tie them up there and go for a drive and see if you get vibration, hum, etc. If you do you havent spent time and energy dabbing something that has to be redone. That "test" will tell you if the shape, bumps etc in the Maxtrax cause an issue.