maybe a expedition or camper truck

these are not MB or a UNIMOG, so if unacceptable, please delete.... but it looks like a good base for an expedition truck, and they build them in Noth America. Titling and insuring should be a snap. Here are 6 brand new ones at the factory. north american truck.jpg
you are welcome SiteC
Verkstand, I highly doubt it was photoshopped. The USA secret service has a lot of these.
I thought you knew everything about vehicles. I safely say
I learn something new everyday. You should see the specs. dayum.
I have the video of it on the test track, not in Gaggenau, I refuse to post it. It hi lites 2 M60's firing and 1 50 cal machine gun.
it also demonstrates smoke grenades and other explosives and night time demonstrations. Weight is not listed in the specs. Nope, not a Chinese knock off. Its all Mercedes Benz. u5000 lit 1.jpg u5000 lit 1.jpg stad options.JPG options.JPG
You sold them to the Chinese ? cool.
Oddly enough, you never mentioned that before.
The UNIMOG is in so many countries, they all look the same.
I wasn't aware you were Daimler. So, now, you know where these are made.
So the 4 axle SCANIA made here in North America is also old news.
So, the company who builds theses are Chinese, run by Daimler, built in Mexico for our market and global
and the USA secret service are one of the biggest customers.
help me out here as Im not familiar with this truck. Its parked in he same place as the 6 mogs.
I did blackout, not photoshop the company name. SCANIA 1.jpg


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
Up armored vehicles are heavy. Not suitable for an expedition rig. I like the 12 wheel drive truck above. Or is that 8X8? It is made to carry a lot of weight.
Here's my buddy's Mog with an Alaskan Camper. It was an ex-fire wagon. He takes the rig on jeep trails with his 4WD club.
Whats up ? On holiday in Mexico City ? Stands to reason after a few tequilas a guy might go searching a security vehicle upfitter workshop. Thats what I would do anyway...
Groovy four axel truck btw. Just the thing to build a Cartel Kingpin family motorhome upon.
Nope, not on holiday, have no reason to go to Mexico.
Nope, don't use alcohol either.
A family man, drugpin or otherwise might go for something ..................nicer. :)
offering the same protection, maybe. He could MB BUS.jpg afford it.