Maybe newbie canter guy


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Hi all finally have an update
Weekends aligned and I took the Canter for a spin on tar and dirt roads though not that rough. I've not driven a truck scince the Acco days though!
Have to say the coil springs were very smooth indeed. Had aftermarket seats too.
Could have been driving a Corolla!
I did find that at highway speeds the steering had little feel and got a bit uncomfortable over 90kmh much may have been the steering box had a fair bit of play. Could be toe angles too.
Then again, it's not really a corolla!
Still it was very soft and it did have air bags which could be adjusted, though I didn't.
I would have to live with it for a bit to get the feel for it.
All in all there was a lot to like.
I think I'd buy the truck in a heartbeat
But the camper is too tall.
Going down that off camber track?
But dropping the camper off, I think it would be great for the Cape.
Guess everything is a compromise.