MB 1120 Coming to Amercia!

Hi guys, first a question for Joe since you mentioned how well the truck rides. Although I am not expecting a passenger car ride it is pretty harsh. Partly I am sure due to the fact that all the weight I have on the truck is the subframe, which is about 900lbs. You mentioned you had air bags in the rear, was this to help with the load carrying capacity or for a better ride? If a better ride did the remove any leafs? Oh, and one more question for you, if you are out at the truck and have your phone handy would you mid taking some pictures of the air conditioning bracket if you can get to it? I am guessing you have the OM366A so maybe it would be similar to what I would need for the OM366LA.

With the air ride seats, I am looking at the lo pro version. The specs for the Bostrom T-910 lo-pro says 4" for the base. I'll need to measure but the base that is in the truck now looks to be close to that (it looks like it has a sort of mechanical suspension for the drivers side. I spent about 12 hours yesterday on I-95 taking the truck from FL to NC. I am sure I need to at least upgrade the seats for one with a lumbar support. Also, can't wait for the new rims to show up in a few weeks so we can get the larger tires. Driving on I-95 at 55MPH is a bit uncomfortable due to the amount of traffic trying to get by at 75mph+.

Here is a picture of the seats we are considering
Bostrom Seats.jpg
Oh, and the subframe is on. For financial reasons I chose to have them do the heavy fabrication. I left out some of the details to keep the costs down. It is mounted on the truck now and over the next couple of months I plan to "finish" it while awaiting the box (well first I need to do some final measurements and order it).
I don't have any experience with your truck type specifically, but on out U1300L (and our LMTV), we really needed the suspension seats to soften the ride. You might not need the suspension, but like you, we needed new seats anyway, so it made sense to just go ahead and get the suspension now while we were replacing the seats anyway.

Congratulations on getting the sub-frame mounted. That was fast.



I never Drive a 1120 , but on a 1300 l I Think this asistance is not necesary, manly by the coil spring on the Susp, whit leaf spring can be another history, here in Europe is not any more possible to swap the Seats, they allow You to replace the Seat , but keeping the original base, so It is not possible ...very stupid , at the end the only way is adapt on the original base a modern Seat....
I did not build the truck, but it was done professionally. Air bags were to improve ride(rear only). the original leafstack is unchanged. The front leaf stack is massive, something like 13 leaves per side. Pics will have to wait, we are out of country for a few months.
Get used to being slow, wheels are not going to change that. My experience with freeways(we try to stay off them) is traffic has plenty of time to see you and move over to pass.
Well it seems like some of you guys name your camper, and coming from the boating world it just seems like the right thing to do. Now our goal with this truck it drive it around the world, I mention this because it sort plays into the new name. So here it is, meet "Pole Dancer"! Hey, it makes sense, we plan on taking this truck and circle the globe around the north/south poles. Just need to work out a cool vinyl graphic for the side of the box.
Not just Muslim countries, that name may turn many people off. It might seem clever or funny but it is the first impression you will make. If it is just a private nick name between friends that is something else.