MB 1120 Coming to America!

The tires and wheels were already mounted on the truck they are Hankook 385/65 R22.5. According to the seller they were supplied by Fabian Heidtmann the website is http://www.expeditions-lkw.de I have not contacted them directly so I can not vouch for this supplier.
Here is the link for a set of 5 Rims http://www.expeditions-lkw.de/satz-mit-5-felgen-11-75x22-5-8-loch-et110-kronprinz.html I assume this is what was put on the truck.
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Thanks EAB, just now got enough internet to see your 1124. Nice truck, looks pretty much like mine :wings:. Mog might have a point, I'll put a little orange golf ball on the end of the antenna so we can tell them apart. I'll pm you if you want to share email addresses. Bit easier for me as I frequently have limited internet. Even if I have to ship the rims from Europe it should run less than $1000 (I have a quote for the ocean shipping bit) and if anyone else ordered at the same time it would be cheaper as the import/export costs could be split. I am hoping though the guys in Wisconsin (http://www.wheelsnowinc.com/)can do it.

If you decide on building I can share what I have so far, which is several Sketchup designs (did 2D of the different panels) and a spreadsheet with the equipment so far I have picked out. I have actually started to order some of the stuff as I find decent prices (and it is easier than waiting until the last minute).
Thanks for the Opensource build! So many are secretive about what they pay for things, which I could never really wrap my head around. We're all striving for the same goal right? Haha anyways really looking forward to seeing your build progress.
The first step in getting the truck to Georgia has been completed. The seller delivered the truck to the port in Sweden where it will be loaded onto a ship bound for Germany. Once there is will be transferred to another ship for the Atlantic crossing. Now after Lowly's mishap with the air brakes it has gotten me thinking. When we receive the truck we will need to put a couple thousand miles on it before we get it settled in Vermont where I will start the build. What are the things I should plan on doing/checking the truck for before a roadtrip? I had planned on doing an oil change and checking all other fluid levels, but had not thought of the air system as this will be my first air brake vehicle.
Truck is now in Bremerhaven Germany where on the 27th it will be loaded on the ship that will take it across the Atlantic. As a side note, we are just now returning (currently in the Bahamas) from sailing around the world. We live on the boat and do not own a house in the USA. I mention this because I am looking for a workshop rental for a couple of months somewhere on the Treasure Coast in FL starting mid April. This is where I would hope to remove the fire box and weld up a subframe. Anyone have any ideas?


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Air systems are fairly easier if you have reasonable hearing. Get it up to pressure and listen for leaks. Chock the wheels and release the park brake and listen for leaks. Have someone apply the brakes and listen for leaks.

Also get it up to pressure and the shut it down. See how quickly the air bleeds off. A spray bottle with water and a bit of detergent are your friends for the final diagnostics. Also go to the tuck parts place and buy a few of each size push in hose couplers (dot rated) and a few feet of each type of hose.

Most of the air troubles I have had were with ancillary equipment such as air ride suspension and seats rather than the braking systems.

Also if they are drum brakes most truck stop mechanics can adjust them.
Most likely your truck will have metric hose sizes, so finding the right materials can sometimes be a challenge. I created a spares kit like OZrockrat mentioned for our truck some time back. Included lengths of various diameters (6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm come to mind) of hose since our truck used several sizes depending on the circuit. Hose I purchased was high pressure nylon rated for air and water. Look for fittings called Legris push to connect fittings. They are very nice and easy to use. You can get them with a high pressure rating too if your air system is over 10 bar. If your local truck parts place does not have the items, they can be ordered from online shops.
We've got a Mercedes 1017A and recently replaced some air hoses for the transfer case. The push fittings were fantastic and totally worth seeking out. However, we were unable to find anything metric (in either hose or fittings) but the closest imperial size worked just fine. Also, congrats on the truck!
Well it is official, our truck is now in Brunswick GA and has cleared customs. We have rented a car for Thursday to drive up from Florida to get it. We were sort of caught off guard as it was supposed to take 3-5 days to clear customs and it happened in a couple of hours. So, we are still about 40 miles away from the marina we will stop at to start working on the truck. Oh, I have also arranged the subframe to be built and got notification the steel for it arrived today. They are ready to go as soon as I can get the box off.

I have also confirmed the 8 lugs rims are available from Germany, once I verify the offset by measuring the truck an order will go in. I will use the same shipping company that I used for the truck to ship the rims. Oh yeah, also need to measure the chassis to verify my Sketchup design so I can get the box ordered from Total Composites.

Guess I'll be busy for a couple of weeks ;-)