MB 1120 Coming to America!

That’s the same system we have. A with the webasto heater and a heat exchanger with a fluid pump to pre heat the engine. Works great on our 1617
So, one question I have is what size is your heat exchanger? How many plates? And by the way, very nice looking truck (from a private pm, made me do a double take as it looks a lot like ours, but just completed). You should update your avatar with a picture as others would love to see it.

Looks GREAT! You are making outstanding progress.
Thanks Mark, it has been a lot of 7 day work weeks to get to this point. Although it is not prefect we are pretty happy with the results so far. Really wish we had a larger budget to be able to drop it off and have all the exterior metal work done, but in time we will work through it.

The exterior metal work brings up something. I am trying to work out what the rear will look like with our tire rack and rear bumper. I like what Neil did on Cloud9 and will probably clone the design (thanks again for the great site, it really helps an amateur builder figure things out). Also along with this is "clearance lights". At this point our truck is pretty dim on the road at night, I need to light it up better to warn other drivers what is coming, what have you guys done for this?