MB Atego 1018 A 4x4 (Ex-Bundeswehr)


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I got an ex-military MB Atego 4x4 which will be converted to a camper.
It will take a long time to complete the project :) , but like to start with cleaning the frame in next days.

I would say that my truck is not so rusty, but prefer to offer the best treatment as possible to avoid problems in the future.

Rusty places will clean up mechanically to reach a pure steel, but can´t choose the next steps, because there is more ways to go.

Could you please advice me what you recommed ?

Thank you very much in advance !!!



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Very cool truck. I'd just wire brush away any loose rust, paint the affected spots with proper chassis paint, and call it good.


wire wheel to remove rust and paint. Mercedes makes a wax based rust inhibitor to spray the chassis with after.


Most ex German military trucks are covered in wax and undersea. Don't take this off if you have it on your chassis. Mine is 30 yrs old and has no rust because of it



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Thanks. Long time of wandering which truck to get. I hope will serve many years !

Have to call local MB workshop and ask for .... thanks Joe917

Thank you Neil. I´m not sure if 1018 A is as well protected as 1017 A, but I would say that your is probably better.
My is "only" 10 years old and you can see (for example) axles here and compare with your before conversion.
Definitely plan only remove the rust from rusty spots and keep original layers on the healthy chasis.

Thanks Ullie. I used your steps for new vans (no rusty chasis) for many years with Dinitrol as a protection and like it. It works very nice and vans are fust free even after many years.
But I got more advices from Germany for Owatrol Oil + Brantho Nitrofest + Brantho 3in1 paint.
Probably will go new way because I'm courious how will chasis look after :) .


Lightly wire brush just to knock loose scale off and then brush on some POR-15 and you're done. You can spray it too with a bigger tip.