Medical gear

In my career (21 yrs Paramedic, 16 of those as ALS, also Wilderness/Urban SAR/CBRNE-II) I’ve been certified to do surgical airways as an absolute last resort. Thankfully I’ve never had to resort to it, but I’ll always remember the Dr instructing us saying that it’s only effective about 25% of the time when done in a semi sterile environment (ED).

I’ve had the opportunity to give Epi to severe anaphylactic patients numerous times (including my wife twice!) and there’s nothing compares to early administration. Oh, and I’ve never had a case where it’s only been 1 dose, so have a plan for the second/third.

As for the tourniquet question, I’ve carried them for years and never used them, direct heavy pressure has always worked, that being said, once it goes on leave it on, and it’s always 2 more turns past what you think is “enough”!