Meet the Trot'n Turtle - Unimog U1300L Build

My father and I took a trip to Dayton WA this weekend to attend the All Wheels Weekend car show. It's the first time I've been to this show and it was really cool, lots of unique vehicles showed up.

We left town at 4am for the 66 mile drive to Dayton, wanted to get there nice and early to snag a good spot. Here we're rolling down the highway and watching the beautiful sunrise in the distance. The new Hella headlights are a HUGE improvement over the OEM units!

We stopped in Waitsburg to check temperatures on the portal boxes, trans, axles and tires...Everything looked nice and cool.

Wait a minute...I didn't know I owned a tackle shop in Waitsburg LOL.

Nearing Dayton. Almost no traffic on the road early in the it.

At the was a great turn out and we got to chat with a lot of great people. Fun Stuff!

You can see I still need to wire the LED lighting.

This poor guy hit a deer on the way to the show while cruising down the road in his 55 Ford. OUCH!

This was by far my favorite car at the show. It's a 1915 American Le France fire truck that's been converted into a Speedster for the Peking to Paris race. It has it's original 900 Cubic Inch engine that develops 130hp and chain drive to the rear wheels. Hand build aluminum body. So HUGE and SOOOOOOOOOO Cool!!!! 40" tires! Lots of pics taken of this beauty!

My father and I hanging out at the show before the public started rolling in.

Getting some snacks on the way out of town

And rolling home...Had a great time!

We will be at Cool Desert Nights in Richland WA next weekend.



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That looks like a great way to spend Father's Day with your Dad! thumbsup.gif

I love the Maltese Cross in the floorboard of the American Le France Speedster. It provides a reminder of what it once was.
Applied the bed liner to the under side of the fenders tonight.

I'm using U-Pol Raptor Liner, it's a two part liner that hold up well to time and UV. Having the bed liner under the fenders helps against corrosion, chips/dings on the fenders and dampens noise from rocks hitting the fenders when going down gravel roads.
Raptor Liner

I'll be using the same product on the floors in the cab soon.

How many coats did you end up doing? I ordered the Raptor Liner kit for my trailer. Does the tape come off clean? I am worried that the tape my get stuck or tear since I'm doing 2-3 coats.
Just read the whole thread, a really enjoyable read.
You started with a very nice example, the work you've done on it is some of the best I've ever seen. Great attention to detail and engineering. Stunning!
Its been a while since I've logged on, looks great, you don't muck around
Haven't done anything to the truck in a while, been out driving it quite a bit though. I still have several things to do to it, as soon as I get some time I'll start working on it again :)

How many coats did you end up doing? I ordered the Raptor Liner kit for my trailer. Does the tape come off clean? I am worried that the tape my get stuck or tear since I'm doing 2-3 coats.
I went with two coats on the fenders, I may do three when I spray the floor boards. The tape lines pealed nice and clean for me, I also purchased some tape with the metal wire in it that I might use on the inside to ensure a clean tear line.

Not sure about being the belle of the ball but I am planning on attending NW Mogfestthis year :). I'm wiring the LED lighting in preparation. You going to make it?

Got the console wired with radio and switches set up, relay bank set up under the dash, power bus bar set up under the dash and the windshield and push bar lights wired.

Now to get the roof lights wired up....soon! :)


Looking so good.
The overhead box for the switches came out great.
You may however... need a few more lights.
Nearby planets may not be able to see you.

Top work on this build. I've just installed the exact same Pioneer head unit in my Landrover.

A quick question - why is the bus bar up against the speaker?