Meet the Trot'n Turtle - Unimog U1300L Build

Ear plugs on the road sound just like driving the military Gamma Goat. That ugly creature had a Detroit '53 series diesel just behind the driver's head, and with only a canvas cab for noise reduction, it came with a hearing protection warning on the dash. The 'goats had a fairly short military life - they were supposed to float, the engine had to be removed to access some lube points, and they were a real PITA to climb in and out of. Most of the leftovers wound up on firing ranges as targets, with some going to the US Forest Service, and very few being surplussed to the public. Only a few wound up in military museums.
Here in Australia, 2 axles only needs a Medium Rigid licence, but as soon as one goes to 3 axles, one needs a Heavy Rigid licence but the killer is that: the insurance/rego suddenly goes through the roof. I have heard of horror stories where the rego was simply unaffordable. If I could find a 6x6 at a good price, I'd be removing the centre axle, as its not doing much for motor home usage (not as if one is hauling a 1000 tonne train around) but the longer frame could have benefits.
Jason, from memory, he welded it up the ladder frame, its worth reading the full build, he and his dad made and welded some awesome fabrications
It starts with this post. The whole thread is worth reading. He puts a lot of detail in his posts.

Jason, from memory, he welded it up the ladder frame, its worth reading the full build, he and his dad made and welded some awesome fabrications
Starting on side ladders today.

First up headed to a friends house to bend some 1.25" tubing for the side rails...Man I need to get a bender, soooo many things I could build.

Notching tubing for the steps

Steps and mount plates

Two of the mounting bolts will go through the rear double lip and have lock nuts on the rack, the rest are set with rivet nuts.

And one rail in place, more to come tomorrow.

What paint color have you used?

Is it a RAL color?
This might help. Below highlighted in blue. Just one of my favorite builds for many reasons.

Paint! Time to make the Red and Green disappear :)

Finished sanding and painting the bed pieces. Here the remaining pieces are waiting for paint.

I found a body shop that could get the truck in right away so we rolled to the shop with the bed in tow. Luckily didn't get stopped on the way to the shop since the MOG had no bumpers, lights, fenders, blinkers etc :)

At the shop. Glass removed and the doors fully disassembled.

Starting to sand/prep the cab for paint. Pretty much an empty shell at this point.

Skim coats over my welded repairs on the antenna mount holes.

First glimpse of color! I went with Toyota Quicksand for the color, it's a desert tan color with a hint of sage green. Here the bottom of the hood is fresh out of paint.

Inside of the doors are painted....prepping the outside.

Parts in the booth! Top side of the doors and hood painted.

Truck painted and clear coat being applied.

And out of the booth! I'm really liking this color, sooooo much better than the fire red :) Should look great with all the satin black bits bolted back on. Glass is going back in at this stage.

Direct sunlight the color looks a little lighter...lovin it!

Now on with assembly! More pics of that process on the way....

Haven't been posting a lot this summer but I've been driving the Mog quite a bit, such a blast! This morning my father, son and I took the mog out in the hills to roam around a bit. My buddy Mike followed us in his 4x4 converted ford van. While up in the hills the 4x4 portion of Mikes van decided to give out leaving him stuck at the base of a rocky climb, the winch on the Mog made quick work of retrieving the Van :)

My father and the Mog

Any truck by itself

Giving the ford a little help :)