Meet the Trot'n Turtle - Unimog U1300L Build

The squirrel in me is strong......Just listed my MOG up for sale...
Shoot the squirrel.... Keep the Mog. If you want to keep the Mog Utilitarian and not with a camper on back...... build you a camper on Mog wheels and tow it where ever you want. Or make it a slide in camper like an Alaskan that you can lift the top.
It's always nice to cruise off-road, especially when you don't have to wash your vehicle afterwards!

That drone really get up there, doesn't it? What's it max ceiling? Also, what brand is it and what camera are you using on it? The pictures are always so crisp and clear.

The drone is a Phantom 4 Pro, it's capable of heights and distance (Miles) well in excess of what is allowed. My still camera is an Olympus EM1, the above shots (non drone ones) were taken with a Oly 75mm F1.8 lens....that lens is magic!

Id say he has another build planned...

I've read the build threads of the builds he has finished and once he has perfected them he builds another...

looking forwards to the next awesome build:)

Yep...what he said :bike_rider: I enjoy builds and switching gears often.