mega 2500 gasser build

Love those 2500 rams, and nice start with the wheels. I'm only about an hour away from you in Westchester. Still have the tundra too?


Viking with a Hammer
Did you notice any power loss with the larger tires?

I had a bit with my old 2008 5.4L, hopefully the same size tire will be better with a more modern engine, like my new truck.
no noticeable power loss, mpg took a hit .Need to re-calibrate Speedo.Ram won't let you adjust you tire pressure settings and they want a crazy 80psi in the rear tires.So right now I'm driving around with low tire pressure light on
Next it a new grill and new front springs to level it
I really like anyone that has a scout (79' scout ii) and a ram with a 6.4 (17' PW). I feel like we're brothers from way way far away...and different parents.
Would appreciate your thoughts on the steering brace...noticeable improvement or not.


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I put one on my power wagon I just sold...made a difference for me, steering was tighter and didn't jerk the steering wheel as much over bumps