Mercdes G-class 2005, G270 CDI. Need some advice/help? Building.


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Thank GOD there exists so many enthusiastic people for these type of vehicles. I simply love these wangons and recently i've purchased this vehicle (Mercdes G-class 2005, G270 CDI) for myself personally to join in. However, my mechanics are working on re-building the G-class wagen and I am spending fair amount of money to rebuild it. So I want to save much money as possible and purchase the portal axel kit so my jeep would look total badass including me inside it. :Wow1:

- Anyone know where I could purchase the Portal Axle kit for G-CLASS - note* cheap/reasonable price?

I've been searching and I found some prices upto 19K USD which is abit of stretch for me now since I am already spending alot. Appreciate all feedback and replies, would save me a lot of trouble lads.

I will also share the picture of the G-CLASS once it's done to share my love. :D


I am glad Johnny took the time to answer this legitimately... Because buying a G and spending lots of money for a portal conversion kitso now you can have a jeep and you look badass is a confusing route for me :)


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So what's a good price for Portal Axles then and if so do you have any links? Direct link which I can go straight to purchase and see the price? Would be much appreciated and thanks for the feedback. I won't be going for SUPER expensive, but expensive sounds good for me, hehe.


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I believe the Tibus portal kit is the lowest price out there. And they are still not cheap!
Since they are made in Germany, it is possible that they are cheaper over there since you are in Europe already, but I doubt it.
Jay Couch sells them in the US, here is a link to his site

Both of these trucks have Tibus portals. The green 300GD belongs to Jay Couch and the camper is a 290GD owned by a member here.


The only place I'm aware of, that gives you a price indication in Europe is and as I read it, does not include fitting on your vehicle.
Looking at their facebook page, they have done a number of conversions already. Another place that have done portal conversions and are also into the high-end marked of modifications, building campers and so on, is
They have recently moved shop and undergone new ownership, but are still active as far as I know.

Both GfG and ORC are in the same price level.