Mercedes 310 van with Gwagen front end 4x4 conversion, which axel do I have? How can I tell?


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Hello everyone, I recently acquired a 1991 Mercedes 310 van with a Gwagen front end 4x4 conversion. The previous owners put it into a ditch, and bent the front axle. The axle was straightened, and pretty well, but not enough. They they thought they were good to go. 20 miles later down the road, the front left drive shaft broke. Off to the mechanic. A new drive shaft installed. 20 miles later, and it broke again. They got tired, listed it for sale, and I bought it.

It is clear that the front left axle is still out of true, and must either be repaired, or replaced prior to replacing the current front left drive shaft to make the 4wd operational again.

Can someone help me identify the axle? Or recommend a place to source a new one? Or whether you think it would be suitable/possible/worth it to attempt to repair the axle?

I've been able to source a new drive shaft, which proved none too difficult, at $1150 delivered. However, is there any reason a drive shaft couldn't simply be built locally?

Any advice would be gratefully received. Here is a crap photo from my phone of the axel, and a couple pictures of the van. 29955665_10102718768054080_1441058380_o.jpg26855703_10102630031148550_269527038_n.jpg27399461_10102630031158530_530266514_n.jpg


Hey Big Al Smith,

I don't have the answer to your question but I can refer you to guys who will.

Post the same question and pics on or - that's where the data guys are. You'll get the input you need...



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Ask Dutch. if hes not condescending for some unknown forum faux pas, he'll know the answer.


Are you talking about the inner axles themselves are breaking...or broke? You can have a driveshaft made up from any 4x4 driveshaft shop for far less than $1150!