Mercedes-Benz 917 AF Renovation.

Top speed? 70mph at the end of a straight 5 mile downhill, with a tail wind!
We can run comfortably all day at 55mph (2200 rpm) but will lose speed on most climbs.
The truck is best at 45mph (1800 rpm) .
My wife and I have been checking out your blog, really nice photos. We are nearing the end of a 6+ year sailing circumnavigation and plan on when we return to the USA (next summer after crossing the Atlantic this winter) to, most likely sell the boat and move to an expedition rv to head out again. After months of research the 917 AF looks like it might be the right truck to start with. Due to budget I had planned on building my own using a Total Composites shell (this is if we could not find a used one that fits our wants). Really looking forward to the possibilities.
Congratulations to that 917 AF

Because I plan to go to North America next year I found your interesting thread in this forum. Congratulations for choosing this vehicle. You'll never regret your decision.

May I introduce myself: My Name is William and I live in Germany and now I am retired.
Nine years ago I bought a German army MB truck 1017A (4x4) with 29000 km, planned the box and found a company which built it finally. The door and the connection to the driver's cab I manufactured as well as the windows, the interior, electric, solar panels (500 wp) etc. I'll ship it next summer to Halifax, travel first to Newfoundland, Trans Canada -Hwy up to Banff, then southwards to yellowstone down the USA and finally to Mexico (Baja California down and up) finally through the southern parts of the USA to Baltimore. From there wi'll ship our baby back to Germany. Duration of trip: 1 Year.

If you have any interesting stops in Canada, let me know. Thank you.


My Truck: