Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4²


Expedition Leader
Saw my first 500 4×4² on the road recently near San Francisco. It was a fire truck high visibility yellow version, looking like a real life Tonka toy. Sorry, no photo, as I was driving at the time. Only $227K, not unreasonable in this era when $250K buys an entry-level Ferrari or Mclaren. Time to buy a lottery ticket!

Here’s the link to Mercedes Benz USA’s web page for the 500 4×4²

You might also be amused by the story of a 500 4×4² that did a barrel roll after being hit from the side by a Toyota Prius. I imagine the Prius drove right under the side of the G-wagen


Renaissance Redneck
I spotted one in Vancouver last week. There are probably the highest per capita numbers of G55s and G63s anywhere in the world here. All the recent immigrants from China seem to want them (and a good portion have actually bought them). In a few years time there should be a big used G market here. All will have never seen even a single bush scratch, but have many parking lot dings!