Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 CrewCab Expedition Build in Canada

Hey Andreas, great spot you got there! Where did you end up camping for the night - just off BLM 137 (Lone Mesa) or somewhere else?
It was on BLM off Willows creek Rd. I switched spots a couple times as I did some exploring durring the day. I totally loved having my house with me all the time. On this trip, I usually get up early, make a coffee and hit the road. As soon as I see a nice spot I stop and take my time for a proper breakfast.
Made it home safe and sound. The truck and camper performed 100% all the time. Very impressed with this set up. Perfect size to find parking anywhere, super fuel efficient (better than our 2013 Subaru Outback), impressive 4x4 capabilities and of course the insulation value of the box was tested many times. Had snow in Yellowstone and high heat in Utah and Arizona. There is also the Planar diesel heater that performed flawless even at high altitude (8500ft). This heater only sips diesel and the power consumtion is close to none. At US$ 695 a smoking deal for not being cold!
Couple of things I learned: Need more battery power... 105A is just not enough to power the ARB fridge for more than two days. Will install a composting toilet soon. A window facing out the back will also be added.
Other than that I'm very happy with it.

Interested in seeing it up close? Will be at the North West Overland Rally and the BC Overland Rally.


Congrats for the result, It Will be nice to visit some Camper meeting in América, here in Europe is badkissinger festival in Germany ....huge....enjoy