Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 CrewCab Expedition Build in Canada

The camper planing is in full swing. One question that is not easy to solve: Demountable or fixed? The truck already has a well build flatbed that could serve as the ideal carrier. Downsides: Weight and overall height of the camper. Plus side: We could use the truck as a pick up when needed and safe $$$ by not needing a dedicated subframe.
On the other hand, installing it permanently would mean that the center of gravity would improve and I believe it would look better. Overall I calculated the camper sitting ~10" lower.
But keeping the truck available without the camper would also be awesome. The demount could happen with normal camper legs.
Either way, the camper is already constructed to mount fixed or detachable.

What would you do?
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I'm currently on vacation in Germany. Anyone in Canada interested in something like this: There are tons of them in use around here! I don't think there will a shortage in supply.....
I've been drooling over rigs on for a while now. I own a 1986 T1 Westfalia, I love it, but would love to replace it with a newer version at some point. Or a Vario. I need to get my head around the shipping though. The high roof mercedes james cook's are hard to deal with. I'd looked at and it's not too bad getting a rig RORO'd to Halifax, but shipping it accross canada to BC is a challenge due to the overheight. I see you're taking delivery in Vancouver with GTA, i'll have to check that out.

Also, i had a look at your total composites page, and wow, that's some cool product. Also very cool that you're doing it in Canada. Maybe we could look you up next time we're on the island?



I have family in Germany and live in UK, thinking perhaps there is a business opportunity sourcing vans/trucks for you guys in Canada, North America etc and even driving/delivering them myself, then catch plane home... any comment?
There is a guy in Montreal who picks up Mercedes Karman campers in Europe (pays 10-15k Euros) ships to Montreal, converts to NA voltage and sells at $45k and up.
Camper Bed


I am thinking about building a camper on a FJ45 truck. You mentioned your struggle with whether to mount the camper directly to the frame or maintaining the flat bed and the disadvantages of either choice. How hard would it be to change the beds back and forth. That way you could have the lower center of gravity for the camper and when you are not using it, put the flat bed back on. To the inexperienced, it doesn't look like it would be that big of a job. You wouldn't want to do it for every weekend git away, but if you are planning multi month excursions, it might make sense. Is this a viable option?
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Works better in Canada with the 15 year import rule versus 25 year rule in the U.S.
Haf-E said:
Darn you Canadians and your 15 year import rule! That is the chassis I would get if it were possible to have it in the USA. Congrats! Looking forward to the build!
Easy enough to fix with a Canadian LLC and mailing address or a fellow board member in Canada who will let you use their address. There are plenty of non USDM vehicles running around the US that do not fall under the 25 year rule. An R.I. can assist you with Federalisation and you can import almost anything and there are legal exemptions and loop holes for importation on a short to mid term basis (up to 2 years) without a conversion. It is all there in black and white. None of it will be cheap, most likely, but it certainly can be done.

The dual cab Sprinters would have sold well here, if crew cab pick up trucks are any indication of the design's populariy.

I would want the camper to be removable so that I could use the flat bed for other pursuits.
Weight is going to be the biggest factor. You are going to be cutting the handles off your toothbrushes to keep weight down. Keeping the flatbed with the camper is probably too much weight.