Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 CrewCab Expedition Build in Canada

Congrats again on finding the perfect truck! I'll be watching this build carefully. Also curious about how the importation process goes -- it would be great if you could give us the odd update on that.

I'm looking into a Sprinter 316 4x4, but have some more research to do. We're hoping to buy one this winter/spring and pick it up in the summer and ship it home to Vancouver, BC. The advantage with the 316 is it has the same inline 5-cylinder that the t1n NA Sprinters had.

I checked out Total Composites and your products look perfect for this application. Keep up the good work!


Expedition Leader
One word of caution - Its only the 2002 Freightliner sprinters and early 2003s that had the same engine as the European sprinters - there was changes made to meet the CA emission standards that resulted in a different EGR / intake and computer module. Not sure if/when they later rolled that change into the European models or not - 2002 engine code is OM612 versus later being a OM647. I think either of the 5 cylinder motors is better than the later V6 motors if the rig isn't pushing the limit on weight.
Our Engine is the OM611 Power Stage 2. This engine has also been used in the E class sedan. Those cars have a great track record in Germany as super high millage taxis.
As for the importing part: Still in the middle of it. Will report as we move along :)
Finally we got the confirmation that the camper body kit should arrive next week! Yeah, can't wait to get started. The Sprinter is a week behind and should arrive in the last week of January.
Update Jan.26.2017

Yesterday we made the trip over to Vancouver to retreive our shipment at our brokers warehouse. Anyone familiar with ferry travel between Vancouver Island and the Mainland will understand the frustration I had when I needed to invest over $700 just in ferry tickets alone! A 5 tons truck with liftgate and Tacoma with trailer added up fast... We needed to bring the truck and trailer to pick up our small demo body that was assembled at our factory... Loading it into the 5 ton would have made it impossible to unload at the shop I'm currently renting... Anyhow, we made it and today was unwrapping day! Yeah, that was fun :)
Other than our panels and extrusions we also unpacked windows, entry door, roof hatches and tons of spareparts. I have to admit that I never had my hands on our entry doors or roof hatches before. The first impression is pretty amazing, I love the build quality, pricepoint and features. For example: the roof hatch is insulated (!), comes with a build in sun /fly screen AND build in LED ceiling lights! That made me really happy :) If everything goes well and after we have put them through their paces we will offering them as a fixed item in our catalog.
Fingers crossed I will be setting the first walls this weekend!
IMG_7461.JPG IMG_7470.JPG IMG_7474.JPG IMG_7472.JPG IMG_7476.JPG IMG_7480.JPG

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Update January 27th.
After an endless morning in the office I managed to sneak out and spend a couple of hours in the shop. I was sorting through the extrusions, test fitting them on the floor panel and fixing them in place with a couple of screws. These will come out at a later point and the holes most likely be covered with flooring material.
Tomorrow we are dry fitting the front and side panels.
Saturday January 28th Update:
Test fitting of front and side panels. Cutting through the foam core for door and window openings.

Total hours so far: 6 Probably another 3-4 to dry fit the rear and roof before we can get out the glue gun.

IMG_7506.JPG IMG_7505.JPG IMG_7509.JPG
Update January 31. 2017.

Dry fitted the rear wall and departure angle. This was the first time we tried the "folding" method and it turned out perfect!

16298853_404683503208139_1924085584211672759_n.jpg 16387924_404683523208137_7221506129500896780_n.jpg 16473580_404683479874808_530312087753145881_n.jpg