What is the best tyre pressures to run a Vario 814da at ? I have 9.5 x 17.5 tyres on mine,

A 7500kgs truck with metric 17.5 rims is recommended at 95 psi front and 75 for the rear.

I run at about 6250kgs and have 65 in the front and 70 in the rear, but thought I would ask what other people are running?


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ESB had them marked as 85PSI front and back - but they had their very heavily loaded (often over 7500kg)

It would also depend on weigh distribution. I'm close the axle limit on the front (3000kg) but only a a little above that at the back (which has a load rating of 5600Kg I think).
In this scenario I run 80psi at the front and 70 at the back
I just had a new complete set fitted on mine.

Had a long conversation with the guy who fitted them who only fits commercial and agricultural vehicles. He recommended the upper range of the recommended psi range on both and put 110psi in the front and 90psi in the back. I run at circa 2400kg on the front and 4500kg on the rear. I originally had them at 90psi on the front and 80 rear.

She now feels like I am driving on tiptoes - it's horrid. So will drop the fronts down to 100 and then 90 and see how it feels and take it from there and possibly back to 90 and 80 respectively.

As an aside, my original tyres were changed because they were really knackered and the rears were starting to delaminate on the insides. However, on removing them I found a deep 4 inch cut on the inside of one of the rears which must have come from a rock or something. How it didn't blow is beyond me because it was so deep.


I put 100 psi (6,5 bar) on my wheels with the same size as yours.
When I have de single wheel conversion mounted (285/70 R19,5) I put 115 psi (7,5 bar)

Never experienced any problems or discomfort.