Mercedes W123 Expedition 300TD


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I wanted post some images about my W123 300TD which is converted as my overlanders vehicle.

After some travel experiences I am now preparing it for a world trip, starting in 2010.

The first mods I did were a SVO conversion and I covered the bottom with rust protection.

Filling up with SVO @ the Lidl by, on Flickr

Then I fitted a robust imperial to carry my rooftent, cans and a spare wheel. This setup was pretty good, it withstood the test of some heavy bumping in Africa. I also lifted the vehicle by installing the heavy duty coil springs and shockers.

The waterfilter system

Our luggage "set up" appeared a bit time consuming, because you often need to remove stuff. Then we did not think about smarter alternative, but this year we've built a nice solution.

I fixed a protection plate, original Mercedes-Benz part! :)
The Unterbodenschutz (beautiful, the german language :) ) is installed in 2008, which already saved us from hell on a mountain in Turkey.
As we were far from the roads and houses that would have been a big problem.

We also carry an airjack. Very easy tool to lift your car, where ever you are, even in the Sahara.

The airjack is easy to use. Place the 'balloon' at the right place under the car and then fit one end to the hose and start your engine, your car is lifted automagically.
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handy manual shower and jerrycan.
We also bought an aluminium box which fits neatly.
(foto: Ukrain).

Then the camper conversion, as I stated, we need a more efficient luggage setup.

We need to have a drawer system and a handy instant kitchen.

De default space in a W123 300TD. On the left there is a spare wheel, and we need to get it out easily, so we had to take that in to account.

Let's start! We used very hard wood which was smooth too, so the drawers can easily glide. The wood is very light and there fits our motto 'travel light'.

Starting to saw-cut.

To get out the plate easily we chose for 2 separated parts. This way we can easily get to the spare wheel.

The basis is set up. No screws are used up until now, the wooden plates rest on the rubbers of the side windows.

The next day, we have to built the drawer system for the 'kitchen'.

The kitchen is useable when you open the drawer, where a gas cooker will be installed. This is the start of the drawer system, we had to measure pretty precisely. The gas reservoir is setup behind the back seats.

We used L profiles to strengthen the drawer.

This is the wooden frame for the drawer.


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Fixing the gas cooker on the drawer. We also installed an aluminium grip on the drawer.

We fixed a holder for various things behind the gas cooker.
The gas bomb is now connected to the cooker with a hose.

The kitchen unit is ready to be installed.
Then the boxes will be easily shoved in and out with gliders we installed on the wooden plates.

The setup is finished. It seems to be very handy and all fits in perfectly.
Our trip to the Ukrain, Poland and Finland was a good test case.
We ended up very happy with this setup, I have may be one or two tiny modifications, and then it's 100% perfect for the upcoming trip around the world.

On the left you see the cool 'open kitchen' with the space behind the gas cooker in use for the spices and utensils and other stuff you often use.

Above this unit there is another plastic box, for the stuff less used, although you can easily access it.

On the right you see our water bags, a successful space friendly tool.
You can put them away when empty as they don't fill up any space.
In fact, you can put them anywhere and use the watertap, very handy these swiss army waterbags.

The boxes are used as drawers and glide between the angle bars.

This is how it looks.

Now I need to raise the vehicle even more, and maybe install an awning and snorkel.



Excellent setup that just goes to show, it's not about which vehicle you have, but wether or not you actually want to travel!
Thumbs up!

(what mods would make my W126 usefull...hmm...:ylsmoke:)


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The Saharagelber in Burkina Faso

Camping in Wadi Rum

Traversing Wadi Rum (Jordan)

Gambia rainy season

Niokolo Koba National Park, Senegal

I've got some more images on
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2007 Expedition Trophy Champion, Overland Certifie
very very cool use of a great vehicle...that engine is one of my fav's

nice build and thanks for sharing...keep up the travel updates


Hey - great photos... I'd love one of these wagons. There was a chocolate brown one in my neighborhood for sale - 300td. I tried to convince my wife we needed it - unfortunately, she equates the reliability of older vehicles with the my old Land Rover....