Merkabah: MB 2626 AK 6x6 tipper to expedition truck conversion

Hi Pairo

Always inspiring to see your updates!
Be careful when using power tools, especially the wire wheel, although you look a bit worse for wear, I can assure you the wire wheel is a really nasty tooth brush!
Years ago, when cleaning the original rubber coating off of a Landcruiser 60 body, a brief lapse in concentration meant that I hit myself in the face with a 4" wire wheel, going down over the upper lip, touching my front teeth and proceeding down the chin... I looked like a traffic accident for a few weeks, but fortunately I heal weel and got away without scars...
Hello SixSpeed.

I have been working on the truck but time is lacking to update this thread. I will, as soon as I can.

Yes. You can still see some of the old and reliable L- series Mercedes around, not too many, though. Some look good, some not that much.
Hello again:

Yes... I know that I haven't updated this thread for long, but I have been working all the time, as some of the members of this forum know.

This is just to point that, no matter what, I still go on with the project and if possible will get to an end... who knows when.

Whoever has a similar commitement please don't loose the strenght and keep the hope... sooner or later you are going to get through all the trouble and enjoy your creation.

The pictures show the present state of the truck. After a lot of trouble I just finished yesterday the overhauling of the quiet complicated front axle. It took more than 18 months. The driving cabin is out, waiting for someone to repair it, the composite panels for the Box have been imported from Germany and are also waiting for assembling. All the components for the special systems that will go on the truck are at the shop or at home.

So, I have all the pieces I need for completing the rig, but not enough time to do it, at least at the pace I'd like. But it doesn't matter... the fun is right there.

Greetings from Chile.




I'm glad this thread was bumped back to the top... I had planned a short lunch today.. That was until I saw this thread! An hour or so later and I'd read it from start to finish!! Before I bought my 1222 I was sooo close to buying exactly the same setup as you have!!! A 6x6 V8 tipper!! Here's the link....

I would have loved to have bought it but deemed it too much work, and then the 1222 I now have came up. As said before, I commend you on the amount of work and perseverance you have put into Merkabah! Can't wait to see the finished machine! I do like the way you have fitted the rear access door frame into the cab, but retained the window frames by making the windows narrower (will be borrowing that idea!). Looks very neat! Keep up the good work, and hurry up and do some more!! Its like a good book.. I want to turn to the next page, you just haven't written it yet!!!! :)
Victorian and Sitec: Many thanks for the encouraging words.

If I had the choice, the AK 2628 would have been my choice, far; longer distance between axles, a bit more powerful, more place to play with not having to plan for a longer overhang.

But 6x6 was my choice from the beginning, and the 1221 I is in amazing good conditions. It is not coincidence that you found the other truck for spare parts just after getting it. It was right the truck for you.

The steering wheel is on the wrong side, though, he, he.

Glad if this story helps anyone to build his own dream.

Kind regards.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been working, but updating this and other two threads have become a little hard with few time remaining after regular and extra work.

I will show some progresses as soon as I can.

Greetings from Chile.