Military trailers


I picked up 7 Military trailers. Not sure what model they are but they have 8 foot long beds. They have a 3/4 ton rating as well. I also have a friend who has a few Military com shelters. One is pictured. I was planning on mating one of the trailers with one of these shelters. Anyway some food for thought.



Heck yeah nice find! There are several folks on here right now looking for them. Those are the ones used behind the HUMVEE.
IIRC that's the M101A2 the A2's had the H-1 hummer wheels and the M101 had the standard steel wheels. I'm sure one of the guru's on here can confirm or correct me there.
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how much do those weigh, most are pretty heavy unless you have a 3/4 ton or so pulling them.
But the Military Communications shelter or what ever they are called, I would love to find one of them close enough to buy! Where is your buddy at? Anywhere near the midwest?


Yes just like that pictured above! The trailers are not to heavy in my opinion. But all I have are 1 ton trucks and tow 12,000 lbs trailers. So this to me is light. I can pick up the hitch from the ground (a few have no stands) and can pull the trailer over to my truck and place it on my pintle no problem. I have two types of shelters. One is just like the one pictured above. Its about 6 feet long. The other I have available to me is 8' long and has an airconditioning unit mounted on the front wall. This is the unit Im probrably going to get. BUT my friend has been changing his mind on what he wants to do with them. I will ask him How much he wants for them. These units all look brand new even though they are not. They were just barely used.


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Nice idea!! Those trailers seem more and more attractive as far as opening up alot of potential for a closed top build. Are the "pods" aluminum or metal and is there an approx. weight of them?