Mini Bike Camping

im looking for recommendations on mini bikes.

were heading out west in about a month for an extended road trip in our sprinter van and plan to bring along 2 mini bikes for exploring the country side and occasional over night camping trips. were looking for something that we could take on the trails and perhaps carry a bit of gear with. nothing crazy, just a tent and maybe some cooking gear. the rest will be on our backs in day packs. im 6'240lbs and shes 5'7'' thin, normal girl weight (whatever that is) so far ive come across the Coleman bikes and they seem decent for there price point. Another bike is the Monster Dog Mini. thats costs a bit more but it has suspension and a torque converter just not sure if the extra money is worth it. budget is around $1,000 per bike but i dont mind spending more if the value is there.

any ideas ?

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look for some older used TW200's Street legal fun as heck and easy to ride. You may find yourself finding the perfect spot and needing to run into town. Setting up our van with one in front and one in the back ( bumper, hitch mount)