"minimalist ford transit tc" replaced by BIG brother!


Some of you may have seen my build of our 2013 ford transit tc.
had a lot of use out of it,along with our 2015 tacoma with northstar pop up camper.
Wife said it was to much trouble with 2 campers and she wanted to go back
to a full size van,sounded good to me as i would have the fun of building it to fit
our needs!

So we ordered a 2016 ford transit 150 with the following.
148" wheelbase.
medium roof.
silver paint.
3.7 gas eng.
locking dif.
dual batts.
3.73 rear ratio.
cruise control.
basic radio,no nav,etc.
towing package.
up graded seats.
rear window dark glass.
sliding door with opening window and dark glass.

here are a couple of pictures.



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Looks great. Interested in seeing more on the opening window option for the sliding door - does it slide? Screen?


answer fro Half-E

window in slider just pops open about 3",no screen.
as i added removable and zippered screen on slider it does not matter.



Wth?! Two Pics? Get to work you slacker! This looks kinda cool but we cant really see much. Is there storage over the cab? Can we see straight on at the slider? Whats on top? how much storage under the platform? What you got in there? What brand is that machete? How much time have you spent in it? Are you able to make some personal comparisons to the E-series? What kind of locker and has it been needed?

Moar info right meow!

Oh and thanks in advance :)


more transit

a couple of more for dcguilly.

roof has 2- 100 watt solar panels.

there is no doubt the new transit can hardly be compared to e-series,it is a complete different van.

yes i had a e series.

more to come later.



Considering a similar switch. Intrigued by the Metris, because of its size, but the ground clearance is a deal breaker. Thanks for sharing, hope to see more soon.


things i had to transfer.
1. engle frig/freezer.
2. 2 100 watt solar panels.
3. sink and fittings.
4.catiylic propane heater.
5.solar controller.
6. deep cycle batt.

almost all hardware,wood,laminate,insulation i had in shop (never get rid of anything i might use!)

windows,roof vent,led lights,switches,water pump,outlets,wire, propane range,carpet,flooring,plywood for floors, walls,cabinets,.

all labor by me.so it was a low cost install.

over the years i have built many campers etc so it is really a relaxing hobby for this retired guy.



keep the bugs out

as we do a lot of desert camping (hot weather) we always have to consider bugs and heat as we sleep
many nights with doors open,plus we travel with a cat that we have to keep under control.
on this van i sewed up a screen set up for both the sliding side door and the rear doors.

for the slider the whole screen is held on with velcro so it is removable.entry is closed by zipper
that operates from both sides and when not in use is held open with velcro.
sliding door can be opened or closed with screen installed.

rear doors have a screen that is mounted at top and rolls down,again held with velcro.
with the 2 doors screens,2 window screens and powered roof vent the van stays comfortable.



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I really like the way you did the false or secondary wall type construction just inside the rear doors.
Provides a lot of protection to your bed area. I think I would have a black out curtain for where the rear screen is as well as the screen.


a couple of more items and answers.

Marley, the finished height from floor to center is 69".

Brian 94ht, the rear windows have covers that are held on with velcro,also have a
spacer that keeps the doors slightly open but also locked for safety and air flow.

solar system (200 watt) is separate from van,but can be tied together with solenoid.
only use 1- 12v deep cycle battery as i only have engle frig,12v water pump,led lights.
van has 2 factory battery's and when driving i switch engle frig. to van system.

again i try to keep everything simple.

Les lqhikers


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Nice camper. I have an older Transit with a factory dual battery system. In my Transit the system includes a battery separator. I can therefore use the second battery as a house battery. As far as I know this is a standard feature of the Transit dual battery systems. If you have that you can simply connect your 3rd battery to the second without risking to drain the starter battery. I have done that and it works just fine.

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