Minimalist/zero drop hiking boots?


If your an 8.5 or 13 you can still get the Proterra boot from Dick's. It's been a good boot. I don't know why they stopped making them. I've had a pair for about nine months now. Google Proterra GTX boot. There are lots of companies out there that sell discontinued and have old stock. Initially I didn't like how thick the bottoms were but I like them well enough now. Sierra trading Post is a favorite go to for me when looking for discontinued items.


Unfortunately I wear a 9.5 or 10 depending on the shoe so rarely do I get to partake in close out deals on remaining sizes.


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Sorrry for the slow reply.

I found the sizing to be O.K. they felt a little snug around the toe box (I have wide feet) at first, but they soon bedded in. I think that the snug sizing was due to the insulation, but I haven't tried any other Vivos to compare.
My Vibram Five fingers KSO are still the winners for all day on my feet comfort though.

Just looking at the new range of VFF's they have some really interesting shoes hmmmmmm
Crap. That's what I thought.
I guess I'm a little wider. I tried 5-Fingers but my pinky toes fall wide of the Hadrian's Wall they've set up... I can't wear those buggers either.
My Gobis are perfect around the digits.

LEMs are nice but the bottoms wear quickly and they run short. Caveat emptor.


Slightly OT but I've been looking for some work boots with a wider fit and came across Viberg, anyone have any experience with them, especially sizing.
They seem expensive but if they are as good as they seem, I don't mind.


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I don't have these, but want some. They are custom made on a last which should work for those of us who favor the minimalist style. There is a good write up on the site about how this model came to be.

Search Thula Thula and Hilldweller on here to see my experience with this company

I ordered a pair, did all their sizing protocols, talked to the owner. I thought he really understood. I sent him links to Vivo and LEMs.
I received a pair of beautifully made boots that didn't come close to fitting.
They didn't try to fix it. They refunded me, minus $50. And I paid for the return shipping.

If you're easy to fit and don't have wide feet and thin ankles, I say give them a try. Otherwise steer very very clear.


^ You just nailed my problem. Sz 13.5EEE, but I'm tall and thin, so I always have issues with boots not being tight enough above the foot. That's a large part of why I stick to trailrunners or my CF combat boots (which still don't technically go tight enough around the ankle but they're my off-road slippers)


I purchased a pair of Vivobarefoot Scott boots around a year ago. I don't believe they are advertised specifically as a hiking boot but they have been the best boot I have worn. Hiked through Palo Duro in them, summited Mount Belford in Colorado and trudged through mud and fords in Arkansas. They run a 1 to 1.5 sizes big, and the toe box is unusually large, but hasn't bothered me yet.



I bought a pair of Thula Thula Minimalist half boots from their sales sheet. Before I bought them, I called and told them about my foot and what size New Balance shoe I wore, they told me what size I needed and luckily they had one already made. When I got the shoe, it was almost the most uncomfortable shoe I'd ever worn and I was about ready to send it back. However, I decided to take a chance and wore them for the day. They quickly broke in and started molding to my foot now they are very comfortable.