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I put a fabric sheet over our trailer, which is parked between our garage and a side fence.
Trying tokeep the HOA happy and UV off the trailer. So far, so good.
For those of you storing your Summit outdoors, what covers do you recommend? The UV in Colorado is no joke...not to mention the wind, hail, and snow! ;)


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Hey all, we’ve put a deposit down on a new M.O. Summit and can’t wait to take delivery and join the family! I’ve managed to read through this entire thread and there’s been a ton of great info…thanks for that. One thing I’m still curious about is how people are transporting bikes? I’ve seen this mentioned previously, but no real solid solutions. Our Summit will mostly be used as a base camp for cycling trips and racing, so bike transport/storage is key. Currently have a OneUp rack on my tow vehicle, so that could be utilized in some way, although without an accessory hitch it’s a bit of a head scratcher. Saw the attached photo online and I’m guessing they’re using a dual hitch receiver? Has anyone tried traveling with bikes in the cabin?

Any insights or solutions would be welcomed. Hoping to find a way to transport anywhere from 2 - 4 bikes. Thanks and can’t wait to get this thing in our garage!
Hey @rocco89, not sure what kind of vehicle you drive, but I'm putting money down on an aftermarket bumper that has a second hit on the swing out for bikes. I didn't want them on the roof of either the LC or the trailer so this seemed like the best solution. I've seen the other trailers setups on the front rack and that would likely work if you're handy with fabrication but I ride coiled enduro bikes (heavy) so I'd rather not have them swaying while we hunt down good camp sites.


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