Mjolnir "Das Maultier" Our Unimog U1550L Expedition Camper

Thanks for that Ian and DzlToy,

I was completely oblivious to the concept of thermal cookers. The ecopot looks great. It seems to be a combination of slow cooker and thermal cooker. So I'll be adding that to the list. I'm very glad that I will be able to build the camper without gas appliances. One less thing to worry about in our travels.... Right now I am trying very hard to design a small 2 burner cooking station. This will be my outdoor stove. I am planning on using two MSR dragonfly multi fuel stoves, but need to get them into a small usable arrangement - not impossible, just difficult. Good stoves and very serviceable.

MSR Dragonfly:


I'm not great with computers. So I stuck a side on photo of Mjolnir in Power Point and tried to kick out a rendering of our concept of the camper. proportions are a bit off I'm sure, but It appears as though it won't look to bad if we follow our general plan. Trying to keep the 45 degree departure angle will be tough, but I think we can do it and not have the bed sitting too high inside the camper. As it stands now the height of the bed is....well....a bit restrictive....


We went with bigger gas stove for our outside kitchen, as we will use it a lot over here.

This one works great, really fast.

In our Land Rover we have two 2.5kg gas bottles, which last us about 6 weeks of cooking breakfast and dinner. We will carry another 4kg gas bottle which will give us more than two months between having to refill.

Box looks good, not having the big rear doors seems to give quite a bit of extra space than the normal Dokas.

I agree 100% about the bed, need to have a fair bit of headroom :hehe:
If memory serves me correctly, we are only 50cm longer than a regular cab. So really it just eats up our spare wheelbase, and puts us back to the same rear chassis space as a 3.2m Mog. I would shorten the extra cab by 10-15 cm as it is more than big enough for the dogs as is. Also the extra 10-15cm would go a long way inside the camper. But shortening the cab is not on the books. However raising the roof is. I'm 6' 3" tall and smack my head a lot when driving on a rough road. I also have a bit of rust on the roof as luck would have it ;) so it will make for a good excuse to raise the roof.
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What are the rules for the amount of rear overhang allowed? Over here we can have 60% of the wheelbase to be behind the rear wheel, so your would be allowed an additional 300mm of overhang compared to my truck.

I kept the internal structure of the roof as original, and only cut out the material around the hatch out. This give me enough headroom and space for the a/c system, but saved all the hassle of re-constructing the pretty complex structure that hides behind the sheet metal in the frame above the doors.
I am planning on using two MSR dragonfly multi fuel stoves, but need to get them into a small usable arrangement - not impossible, just difficult. Good stoves and very serviceable.
I agree that the MSR Dragonfly is a lovely stove. It burns like a jet engine while also being able to simmer. The thing I don't like about mine is the noise. It's hard to carry a conversation in the kitchen with one of these on full power. They are loud. I might suggest trying a "Dragon Tamer" - one of those silent caps that replace the usual flame spreader.

BTW, nice truck. Love where you're heading with it.

Have been looking into batteries over the last couple days..... Our camper will be "electronics light" No TV or stereo. Just a Bose Soundlink and a laptop computer. We will have an inverter for charging cameras, laptop, soundlink. All lights will be LED interior and exterior. We may run an electric kettle, but that will most likely be the highest draw consumer. We are planning on having a fridge and separate freezer, along with the fan with our airhead toilet, these will be our continuos draw items. All hand tools will be battery operated, so they will be on a charge as needed basis. I am thinking of a 300aH system, I'm just not sure if it will be big enough. I am also planning on using lithium batteries. This will be expensive, but if they last as long as advertised than it will be the same cost in the long run......Its the weight savings that I find attractive. 300aH of AGM batteries weighs 225lbs, and 300aH of Lithium batteries weighs 105lbs. Also I am not sure but due to the lithium batteries being able to go to 80% discharge vs. the AGM at only 50% I may be able to reduce the system size to 200aH....... Any thoughts?

Link to the batteries I'm looking at....

Ok folks so it looks like its time to start back on this project.

Has anyone here built there own GRP molds for door and hatch frames? It seems that it is not an uncommon thing in the marine and auto industries to build a mold and make your own profiles.