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After months of searching, and a few close calls/missed deals, I brought this home yesterday. Pretty stoked on it so far.

-2005 EB V10, 54k miles (55k after the drive home).
-XLT package
-Dual heat and a/c
-Tow package
-Camburg baja performance kit
-Camburg front bumper
-Method 16" wheels
-33" General Grabbers
-Con-fer roof rack
-1 owner, lifetime SoCal rig

I do realize the irony of grabbing a van that has never seen snow in its life and then promptly driving it home in a snow storm. We are moving in the next few months, so it'll stay as-is and serve hauling duty in the near future, however I'll be using that window to pick a time to ship it to Agile for conversion and then once it's back we'll get working on the interior. Intended goal is a combo overland/expo rig with internal bike and ski storage for weekend trips, with an annual 1-2 week excursion. High top and heater will be added for those winter trips when internal space gets used much more. Will retain at least 1 bench for shuttling purposes, possibly with the option for 1 more if we can figure out a layout that would accommodate that.



What city did you find it? It looks familiar and want to say I've seen it around before.

I like your plans for it!

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