Monroe truck bed


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The "short flat" portion of this bed could present a problem with support for a camper with a floor such that is much longer as a slide in bed camper.

You were not specific about the type of "Camper" you would mount on this bed so a little "Mo Info" would certainly be helpful to properly answer your questions.


I have a Bradford built flatbed under my camper. I removed the forward 'headache rack' to allow the camper to be much closer to the cab.

I also wonder about the sloped part at the back of that Monroe bed. The camper will not be supported in that area either. I don't know what Articfox states it needs for the camper.
I have, they look good with some good ideas. I found a CM bed as well that's aluminum skin over steel frame. It's flat but 9'4" long so I don't think I can scoot the camper all the way forward. The AF has an integrated bumper with 2 support diagonals that extend about 18" up the belly. The salesman said to just build up a platform to raise camper up.....:rolleyes: Then my wife found the 1172 :confused:
Thanks, how much room in front does that leave?
'After looking at the bellies of a few units the slant on the back of the monroe bed starts to look advantageous if the flat area is long enough. I located one locally so I'll have to take some measurements.