Montero Gen 2.5 Key Fob Programming?


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Might be the same as the Gen3 and other mitsu models...

Try this


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Try these steps:

  1. OPEN the Driver’s door.
  2. INSERT the key into the Ignition and TURN to the ON position (just shy of cranking the engine)
  3. PRESS and HOLD the Programming/Override Button (located under the Driver’s side dashboard). Within 20 seconds the Vehicle will cycle the door locks and the horn will sound three (3) times to indicate Vehicle has entered Programming Mode. DO NOT release the Programming/Override Button.
  4. PRESS the #1 Button (top left) on the first remote. The Vehicle will respond by cycling the door locks and the horn will sound one (1) time to indicate successful programming.
  5. REPEAT Step 4 to program up to three (3) additional remotes. (Total of four (4))
  6. To EXIT Programming Mode, RELEASE the Programming/Override Button and TURN the Ignition to OFF.
  7. Test all remotes. Programming is now complete.


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There were a few different systems installed stateside so you will find differences with the process. You may need to try a few before you get it, esp. if you don’t know which system your truck has. Also if your door locks aren’t working correctly you won’t be able to do it.