Monteros on craigslist


Craigslist post did say previously a CA Montero. I wasn't able to find a thread doing a username search. I'll look more on the desktop.

Anyone know any details or more history?

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My thoughts exactly. Haha. Who knows...Bedliner might protect the top from scratches.

Nothing a dirty afternoon with mask and power sander can't fix. Or coat the bottom trim to match.

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it looks like a reseller - temp tags, from what i know Gen1 is all-time 4wd not 2wheel drive, and "1992" sounds wrong because that's the year Gen2 was introduced. I'm not an expert but there are too many red flags

Eric M

Gen 1s all have part time 4WD systems, but the year is wrong as it often is on craigslist. I wouldn't necessarily avoid it, I would just take that as dealing with someone who doesn't know about the car.


Observer - $2900 3.8L 150K miles - i can check it out if anybody is really interested

Privet BOPOH, if this is close to you, would you mind taking a peek? If it's like the others I've seen, it'll need the valve cover gaskets/cam seals done but that's not a huge worry. I'm more interested in how it drives, especially out on the highway. Every single 3rd gen I've tried so far feels like it needs the driveshaft balanced or something (highway vibration).


EDIT: didn't realize I was looking at a month old posting that had expired! Never mind!


I'm not well versed enough in these to know if it has the rear locker or not, or if it would even be worth grabbing at that low a price. but I am thinking about it, so any pro tips welcome.
No locker. The years with the locker have the headlight washers and a big orange sticker on the drivers side of the tunnel. 3rd row is missing as well. No title either. And if nothing else is wrong, why is the tire off?

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