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What shocks me, a SoCal transplant, is how much pot culture there is in the Chico area and north. Yes, I have to put this in, often I'm asked about being 215 friendly. Nope, not me.
Eurosonic selling his 99 Gen 2.5 w/ Winter Package?
That's his father's as far as i know. It was spotted awhile back in this thread when it was for sale last time. I remember the HID retrofit.

Considering a second fly 'n' drive to SAC in a month and sort out what to do with it on the back end. Would have bought this in a heartbeat if it was listed 3 weeks ago, but got my wife an FZJ80 instead.
Shameless Plug - Mine:

2003 Limited - 185k miles - $3200

Let me know if you have any questions. Has been a pretty good vehicle the last 3 years, but got my wife into something newer and more comfortable for her. It's 15 years old, and has had normal wear and tear. Timing belt was done about 3 years and 40k miles ago. Have had intermittent check-engine light related to vacuum and possible coil-pack, it's intermittent and I can't repeat it. Didn't have any trouble passing smog. Let me know if you have any questions, won't sugar coat the issues. Probably a good platform for someone who has time to trouble-shoot the minor issues.

PM me for questions
Should I buy (and possibly flip) '88 2-door, 4-cyl, 5-speed?

How sought after are the Gen 1 Monteros? A neighbor has a 1988 2-door, 4-cyl, 5-speed for sale. <150k miles. It needs some work. Brakes, tune-up, chase some oil leaks. I was thinking of buying it, doing the repairs, and seeing how much I like it. I have been doing some research. Parts are cheap. So, I think I can buy it, fix it, and be all in on the cheap. Then, if I like it, I'd keep it. If not, I want something that's easy to sell.

So, I see some rabid Mits guys here. I have always thought the Montero was as good as a Land Cruiser and a lot less expensive. Am I delusional?

Thanks in advance,