Moog CC880S coils


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Many of our vans start out low in the front... mine was much higher in the rear, and is now somewhat closer now.

The drivers side now has a 3.5 degree bushing, and the passenger side has a 0-4 degree adjustable bushing. I’ve got it adjusted for roughly 0 camber and quite a bit of castor. I eyeballed it to get a starting point... and now it drives perfect. The alignment shop said they could only get it so close, so I thought I’d have a go before I brought it in.

When I bring it to the shop, I’ll tell them to leave it well enough alone if they cannot improve it.


The 880's should be great for a 4.6 van. Just get adjustable castor bushings. The alignment shoud be no problem. I would get your rear leaves refurbed, ie new pads and or a another leaf if your are sagging. When I went with the 880s(e350 vers) coils on my e250 I got 2.25 lift out of it. I also added a rear leaf and and 1inch block as my van in built out and heavy.


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New member here. Sorry to bring up an old post but I am doing the Moog 880S swap on my 2005 E-350 V10 (along with new steering, sway bar bushings and bilstein shocks). While I usually do this work myself I am in some temporary housing for work and don't have that option at the moment. A shop installed the springs but wouldn't let it leave because the lower coil spring bell shaped retainer wasn't catching the coil, it seems the moog coil has a tad bit larger opening than the original Ford coil. I am attaching a picture of the part and it is #18 in the diagram. It seems to me this is more of a retainer to hold the insulator but they insist its unsafe. It seems that a number of people have run these springs, has anyone run into this issue? I don't see that it would be likely for the spring to come out but I am looking for a solution. They recommend making a new part with a larger washer or "lip" or modifying the existing part which is a bit difficult at the moment because the van is back together and its my DD at the moment. Anyone have any advice?


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Both my OEM coils and the 880s would lift off the retainer if tipped to the right angle... but otherwise they stay in place. The fit was the same as stock.


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Both my OEM coils and the 880s would lift off the retainer if tipped to the right angle... but otherwise they stay in place. The fit was the same as stock.

That is exactly as it looks to me too. I am going to see if I can get in straightened out tomorrow. Thanks.


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That is exactly as it looks to me too. I am going to see if I can get in straightened out tomorrow. Thanks.
Come to think of it, that was the case for both my ‘97 front end & my ‘01 front end with OEM coils. I mixed and matched front end components and have never removed the bell retainer. The Moog coils were no that regard.


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I just put new CC880s coils on my 2002 E350 6.8 EB. I got a healthy 2.5 in of lift out of it. I was sitting at about 1 in between bump stop and I beam before, and now I'm at 3 in between. The last alignment I had, they couldn't get me up to 0 camber while maintaining caster, and had the wheels at around -1. I certainly have positive camber now.

Are stock shocks ok for this? Or is there a better shock that allows more travel?


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Is there a general rule of thumb for installed spring height where camber becomes an issue without new bushings? Better yet, what's the stock height for these vans?

This old Rz

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Okay ...does anyone know "100% for sure" if the Moog CC880s will lift a 2003 E350 7.3 diesel ? And if so how much ? you can't compare or guess the difference is from a 150 to a 250 to 350 and I'm reading stuff all over the place that they 880's is are the same as the diesel springs does anybody actually know for sure I've been researching this for months but can't come up with a definitive spring to lift the front 2 + inches. BASICALLY DOES ANYBODY HAVE A DEFINITIVE 2IN PLUS SPRING ANSWER FOR THE 7.3 DIESEL AND WHAT SHOCKS PREFERABLY BILSTEIN OR MONROE I'VE HAD FOX ON MY PRERUNNERS AND I'M NOT A FAN OF THEM TOO MANY LEAKS/MAINTENANCE.

If anybody out there has any advice please let me know thank you basically


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305-70-16 KO2’s
With bilstein medium duty shocks
Can’t get pics to load
On 3 set of springs...657k miles

How much trimming did you do to fit those tires? Ive got a 94 e350 7.3 type 2 ambo, gonna put cs880s up front and see how big we can go. Im ready to do some trimming, hoping a 285/75 r16 might squeeze in. If not, will settle for 265/75 r16. Any thoughts on the likeliness of trimming to fit the 33s on the ambo package?

89s rule

265/75/16 with older factory Alcoa 16s clear my ‘11 E360 with 5.4 completely stock suspension and no trimming. 220k miles

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