More power please ?


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Plenty of people do Canter 4M50 remaps in Australia, but not so sure how you will go over your way, given that these trucks are not as prolific in the US/Canada.


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Those comments, as mentioned, are quite dated and I do not believe they are valid any longer, as much has changed since then.
At the time I bought my Steinbauer (which is still the setup I currently have) there were very few, if any reliable options for doing a remap. Now it is not a challenge to get a Canter remap; well, here in Australia.
I should also add that the FG84/FG140 does not have a DPF, so comparing problems with an Isuzu remap and DFP delete is not really comparing apples with apples.

As I eluded to initially, finding someone with experience with this remap process in the US is probably your greatest challenge.
In a worst case scenario, you could always go down the Steinbauer chip route, as I know the model I have on my FG84 is compatible with the FG140. You would probably have to source one from here, as the mapping was done by the Steinbauer importer/dealer in Queensland and I do not believe that model is available outside of Australia.
I have not seen him on this forum for a while now, but westyss has had one fitted to his truck for many years now, so you could PM him if you wanted real, first hand feedback.
My 2010 has a DPF filter that I would love to eliminate. would require a remapping ? I am in contact with steinbauer to see the cost and availability of their solution. Appreciate the help and guidance


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I must admit to not being aware that the FG140 has a DPF. That's a bummer, because the FG84 does not have one. The FG84 is basically the same truck as the FG140.

I have no first hand experience with DPFs, but fully expect that the ECU would throw error codes if you simply tried to remove/bypass it, so a DPF delete via the ECU may be your only option, if that is the route you want to take.
As I mentioned previously, finding someone with the skills to do a remap on your side of the planet may be the challenge.

Some would argue that a chip is not as good as a remap, but the Steinbauer should give you some more power and it will not cause error codes. I should add that the power difference with the chip is definitely noticeable.
If purchased from here, the cost would be under a grand, given that we have a pretty weak dollar at the moment.