Motoz 2004 HDJ100R Kakadu 4.2TD


I'm undertaking a new build. With a growing family I had to move on from the duel cab utility I had previous.

I wanted a turbo diesel wagon, automatic with all the comforts. I decided on the 100 series with the well proven 1HDFTE 4.2lt turbo charged 6 cylinder. Simple direct injection pre common rail.

After looking for about 12mths I found a Kakadu model. 5sp Auto, leather, centre console fridge, duel fuel tanks etc. This one was in pristine condition with immaculate paint and interior for a 13 yr old vehicle.
With only 100k miles on the clock it's just run in !!!

The highly rated power plant

It came with the ARB front bar and IPF driving lights. I've started assembling all the parts for my build. I'm setting the old girl up for distance touring with plans to do a lap of Australia in the near future.

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I got a little shed time today.

First install was a pair of rated front recovery points. These replace the factory tie down points that are bolted to the chassis.

Next up was to replace the factory side indicators with some clear Altezza style. This mode serves zero purpose yet it pure aesthetics...

It updates the look and matches the rear lights a lot better.

The third easy mod was to swap out the 170mm IPF driving lights that came with the car. I had kept the Narva 225's from my last vehicle. These have been retrofitted with a 55w HID kit. Both are in a spread patten so put out a decent amount of light.

I have put together a store of upgrades that I'll work through during the week as I set the old girl up for our Xmas holiday trip.

Let the mods begin !!!

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Beautiful hundy! That engine.... :drool:
Thanks mate. Yes the 4.2TD is fantastic to drive. Super smooth.

I fitted up the roof platform today. I was deciding between Frontrunner and Rhino. I like the flat tray and preferred the Rhino as the slats run lengthways as opposed to tie Frontrunner that run across the roof.

The Rhino was a few hundred dollars cheaper also. I went the largest size they make 2.1m x 1.4m (6'11" x 4'8")

Off with the old Rhino Aero bars...

Requires a minor bit of assembly...

Next up mounting the awning.

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Thanks for the response and the link. Nice beefy parts. I know I am probably in the minority, but I like the steps as well. Keeps wayward debris off the rockers and may provide a needed lift for the little lady. It a perfect combo


Renaissance Redneck
Beauty 100 Motoz. I’d sure like to trade my 220,000 mile UZJ for a 100,000 mile HDJ! What part of Oz are you in?

Rkruger- I like functional steps, but the factory boards on these are only a couple of inches shy of the actual floor. All they do is get your pants dirty getting in and out.


Thanks for the input guys.
I do like the side steps though as mentioned above they are quite flimsy.

Eventually I'll get a dedicated slider for the sides. I like the fact that they protect the sills from damage. I can't imagine I'll be doing any heavy duty off road work yet added protection is always a bonus.

Got a couple more mods done today. Installed my Icom IC-440 UHF radio and fitted a genuine bonnet protector.

I'm still waiting for my awning brackets to arrive. Should hopefully be here tomorrow. It really is starting to take shape.

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Today's mission install of a Safari 4x4 SS86HF snorkel.

Install was pretty straight forward. Drilling a 114mm hole in the guard was an effort with the bulge wheel arches. All went well in the end.

Brackets for the awning still haven't arrived from the laser cutters.

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So the brackets arrived today !!!

3mm lazer cut stainless to mate a Alucab 270 Shadow to the Rhino platform.

Bolt up was pretty straight forward. I under slung the mounts for a little lower mounting position.

Very happy with the final instal. Took a lot longer than I thought as I kept second guessing everything...

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