Mounting option questions Dometic Fridge


We picked up a Dometic CFX3 95 DZ to cover all our needs with a fridge. We considered getting a second Engel mt45 our current fridge we’ve had for 20years and used almost all the time. Still works perfectly though has a little rust here and there. That said we are mounting it in the bulkhead of our Ali-Cab canopy camper between two cabinets made by goose-gear. I’m looking for some ideas for mounting. I know for example Engel had a plate that you could slide the feet into to mount. I’m curious what options are out there for a non fridge slide mount? Other than the straps Dometic offers? As it’s a possibility I may have to remove the handles for it to fit in there. With the badges it was quite close of a fit. I have 36.5 inches between the goose gear modules on the gladiator and the fridge is 35 1/2”without the handles and supposedly 37 3/4 “w” with them. I have seen the tie down anchors used on Waeco fridges in Australia. But haven’t found anything similar here. I was hoping for a feet lock type mount first, if not then some type of replacement anchors to use straps to tie down. Otherwise we’d have to get something fabricated and that could be used for the trip instead of spending it all on the fridge. Any ideas thanks.


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The fridge should have threaded inserts in the bottom. Mine is bolted directly to the slide, using these inserts.