My 01" Ford Excursion Thread


I have been debating posting a build thread but after a few years I figure why not. Maybe someone can gain something from my experience.

I purchased an 01' Ford Excursion, V10 with 48K miles a few years ago and have been enjoying the fullsize life for a while now. The reason for purchase was multifaceted, I needed to tow, haul the kids, and have a spacious camping rig I could sleep in when solo. It has done everything I have asked and exceeded my expectations thus far.

Started bone stock. Only complaint was the typical Excursion suspension issues if you wanted to use it as a tow rig. When Ford put these rigs to market they focused on competing with the Suburban and lowered the ride height to fit in common garages. This caused massive issues for me, not going to cut it.

I immediately looked into a suspension that would give some stability while towing and add some minimal height. I settled on ATS and so far it has done what I have asked, while not necessarily being off road focused. It handles well during DD duties and while towing. I have towed with several vehicles, mainly an 06' Dodge MegaCab Cummins and I will say the Excursion feels more stable...take that for what its worth.

I have made a number of mods over the past few years and have put quite a few trouble free miles on with minor issues. More to come....


craigslist 1.jpg


expo west 55 mod.jpg


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Nice. I saw it over on the Pirate thread.

Are those the standard NV wheels or the HD's? I'm not sure if the HD wheels are worth the extra cost. 3500# vs 4500# ratings IIRC.

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Sorry haven't checked this thread as it fell pretty quick with no replies.

The front bumper is custom/homebuilt. Didn't really like what was currently available. Either too big and heavy or just gave the truck a fat lip.

Wheels are standard Method NV's, honestly didn't know there was an HD option. If I recall correctly the standard NV's have the same or slightly higher weight rating than the factory wheels which was good enough for me. No issues thus far and they have seen quite a bit of dirt and rocks.


Haven't updated in a LONG time but figured why not...lots of changes lately.

Added Dana 60 front axle, regeared to 5.13, added some solar, swapped to synthetic winch line, plus a lot of other little things, but most importantly a good amount of time off road and camping.

A couple poor pics from last weekend...

red cone 19 1.JPGred cone 19 2.JPG
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Nice! I’ve run that trail MANY times. That Excursion must be a little tight in those switchbacks in the trees not long before treeline.


Red Cone for sure has some tight spots. Made it through OK but added to the trail “memories” as I like to call them...


What kind of range do you get? Around 375mi?
Range would obviously vary based on what type of driving. I usually just fill up when the others in my group need to...and have between 1/4 and 1/2 tank left when I do so.

I do get over 10 mpg mixed driving but I don't track super closely. With the V10, 37's, and 5.13 gears mileage is never going to be "good" by most peoples standards.


Oh I am well familiar with a V10's gas mileage. I had a 08 F250 V10 with 37's and 5.13 gears. Problem with the CCSB trucks is the 26 gallon tank. Ended up having to add a AUX tank to make it practical. I wasn't sure how much bigger the tanks were on the excursions

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I have a 44 gallon fuel tank, pretty sure that's standard in all Excursion models no matter the engine but not 100% certain. Range is not an issue :)

I did add additional steering stop. I drilled and tapped a hole in the knuckle and threaded in a bolt. It does affect turning radius but so far I have been in some very tight off road situations and its not the end of the world to me...

Hope that helps!


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What does your steering feel like? I am running 37s on my excursion and have replaced my steering gear multiple times, 2 of the times were with Red Head steering gears. I have now done the 05+ coil spring conversion, the newer style box was great for a few weeks but I have since worn it out with just normal driving. My next plan is to install hydro assist steering with a new red head box... Your experience?