My 01 Ranger build

With a bit of grinding and some welding it was lowered. I lowered the rack just enough to where I can mount light bar flush with rack.

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Weather channel says it will be warm again tomorrow...good I can finish test fitting and open my Xmas gift!! Can't wait to use my new rtt.

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Looks really good! I'm going to be copying you buy building a cage around the cap for an rtt! After all last summer sleeping in the box with a bed platform taking all our headroom I'm not then excited to get out of there
Yea I hear ya. It was not too bad with twin in back of bed for wife and I, but then dogs would not be able to make trip. With rtt dogs can sleep in bed if truck while wife and I can sleep in rtt. I will raise platform(for more storage) throw dog beds in back and the should be good to go.

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Finally got to use rtt! Headed for Shawnee National Forest (Garden of god") in IL to test everything out. Scenery was amazing being that its in IL. Definitely will be going back when i have more time.

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