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I installed a hypertech in-line speedometer recalibrator today. I didn't get any pictures since I was in a hurry to watch the Steelers destroy the Tebows. The instructions are easy to follow and it works as advertised. It took me 30 minutes start to finish to install. I used my etrex to check the reading and now my speedometer is dead on accurate. Not a cheap fix but it's easier than explaining yourself to the police officer.


I guess that football game didnt quite work out as plannned. I was surprised Tebow won. After all my terrible chiefs managed to beat him a few weeks ago.

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I thought I saw Steelers seat covers through the windshield in that first pic... My suspicion has been confirmed


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It's been a while since I updated this thread. I added a Yaesu FT-7900 for long range comm. The head unit is mounted under my back seat shelf in place of the crappy inverter I had there.

I placed the head unit on the dash. If I death grip the shifter with a full grip I hit my knuckles on the freq knob when I shift into 5th gear but aside from that I am happy with the location.

I put in 2 NMO mounts. The rear is running a Larsen 2/70 short for the FM and the front (centered in the roof) is a Larsen CB stick. The install was painful at first (drilling holes in the roof) but after that went really smooth. I used solder on PL 258 cables on both mounts. So far everything is working great (fingers crossed).



Truck looks great, must have been a struggle whether or not to "drill baby drill". I love the ARB and can't wait to get one myself.


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New updated photo on the first post! But, I added an ARB Simpson III RTT mounted on an All Pro APEX rack.

The tent has been covered on many posts on the forum so I will just add some observations. The tent is very well made and feels like a quality product. Sleeping in the RTT is far and above the ground tents I've done for the last 37 years. The only down side is that the velcro that holds the corners of the mattress to the base is all the way on the corners where a fitted sheet will cover it. Therefore, the mattress shifts when folding the tent up so you need to push it in where the hinge is. Its not a big deal, but it can be annoying. Also, the amount of questions you get asked in a camp ground is tough to get used to. Overall, for me it was well worth the money.

The All Pro APEX rack is well made and sturdy. Its made of 1.5 inch DOM tube and bolts to the factory rail system. Its a pain to assemble the rack, make sure you don't paint over the markings so you know which tube goes where :)

I drilled a 1/4 inch hold in the driver side to mount some quick fists for my shovel and some 3/8 holes on the passenger side to mount my High lift. No issues with either one so far.

With the tent mounted I averaged 17.05 MPG on my trip to Arizona over 2000 miles (80%-20% roads-dirt). That really surprised me since I averaged 16.5 over the previous 4000 miles around southern California. I attribute the mileage to the tent helping to reduce the low pressure area behind the cab and (more importantly) the use of non-California blend fuel.


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I like the rack! I was biking home today and saw you driving and said to myself "thats new, looks good!"

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Nothing major lately but I have been doing some small improvements. Thanks to Roverchef for all the help!

I fixed the intake on the snorkel,

put a cheap set of LED lights on the rear crossbar on the bed rack,



installed a 12 volt outlet and switch for the lights in the drivers side bed pocket.

Also, I put a set of aluminum strips on the rack to avoid scraping the paint off the rack when putting on the RTT and cleaned up the wiring mess under the passenger seat. (pics to come soon)


255-85R16 KM2's

Now that you have some miles on the KM2's what are your impressions? Are you still having issues with rubbing? Are you using a 255-85R16 KM2 for the spare? If so, did you have to modify anything to make it fit?




You're further along than I am, but I'm doing almost identical mods on my 2012.

I also came to a similar conclusion with my 2010 JK.

It takes a lot of driver intervention to keep the JK on the road, and while it shines off road,it ergonomically sucks on paved roads.

In 2011, I took a 680 mile trip to Moab in the JK and it was physically demanding.

After running trails and driving back to El Paso, I was wiped out for a few days afterward.

I did the same trip two weeks ago with far less fatigue in the Taco and it was far more enjoyable and I did around 122 miles on trails.


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Now that you have some miles on the KM2's what are your impressions? Are you still having issues with rubbing? Are you using a 255-85R16 KM2 for the spare? If so, did you have to modify anything to make it fit?

I like the tires a lot. The only down side so far is the noise, but it's less than the MTZs I had on my Jeep. I have not had them in the snow yet, but dirt, rocks, wet and dry pavement they work. Just over 10k miles and the wear is even with no cuts, and I've been out twice now with vehicles that cut tires on the same trail. I run 40 PSI On road and 18 off. The only down side other than the noise is they tend to follow gaps in the pavement on road. Nothing really bad, but it is very noticeable.

The front flares are now gone so no more rubbing on the front. The passenger rear does rub on the rear of the fender well but only on big hits.

The spare is the same 255 in the stock location. No modifications necessary to mount it, the tire guy at America's tire was surprised it fit. I still need to get a stock wheel so I can do a 5 tire rotation.


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I just went through this again after your last post. You have stock suspension and have no rubbing issues with the 255s after removing the front mudflaps?
Damn! I have pretty much brand new 235s. Guess I will have to wait til they wear out before getting some 255s.


Thanks for the tire update. Very helpful.

Another question; With the larger tire diameter do you feel you have adequate power or do you plan to regear?