My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck

The crank pulley is touching the grille and at the max limit with barely any room to work with.

Here is the new TOB and subsequent clips installed; had to do this blind.

Here is the flywheel on the engine

Then the spacer ring, I was able to salvage it after all, you can see the scoring from the exploded clutch.

Lastly the organic clutch and the expensive pressure plate, you can also see the custom clutch alignment tool I made by turning down a bolt welded to another bolt.

The re-install of the engine was extremely difficult. It took many, many straps and a forklift to help out.
I had to lift up the transmission bell housing to get the input shaft to mate with the clutch splines and pilot bearing. I took my time and aligned the engine in the bell-housing with careful precision as to not damage the new pressure plate.

All back together!
Bit of a bad day today, I got everything back together and buttoned up with fresh hoses,belts, fuel,oil and coolant but for the life of me I cannot get it started.
Timing is good, and has not been messed with at all I marked the distributor before I did anything and it has not moved, good spark on all cyls, carb is getting fuel but I have massive intake backfires and cannot get it started.
I tried turning it over with engine start and/or pouring gas down the carb and the same problem. Choke/pumping/wot/no gas makes no difference, I don't know what to do next.
video of a typical turnover.
You are correct, it was the timing but I have no clue on how or why it changed since I did not mess with the dizzy, wires or anything during the clutch work.
I busted out the timing light and discovered that the dizzy jumped about 30 degrees or so. Tdc is were number five should be, so I moved every wire over one space and it runs! How is that possible? now it runs properly with number 4 were it states cyl 1 should be on the Bosch cap.
This should be TDC #1 firing position

But here is were it fired on the crank

The red dot is the new TDC cyl 1, and it runs.

and here is were it fires

it runs good now, took it to 30mph in the parking lot!
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She lives! and is quite exciting to drive, it makes a mockery of our rock pit and rallyfighter obstacles!
It has a good amount of torque and power, it can confidently move itself around. The suspension is super soft,flexy and really comfortable. Steering is heavy and difficult and shifting into road-gear first requires a certain finesse.
Due to circumstances beyond my control Local Motors will not have a booth in Overland Expo this year and the Unimog will not be going; I fought long and hard with the those in charge but wound up loosing in the end, the voice of an intern does not go far here :( especially when said intern lives on ramen. Maybe next year:)
In the mean time I am still getting things dialed in, got it on the RTI and went as far as I felt safe.



I could live in here
Necessity spawns invention. Recently I decided to move out of my bachelor pad rental as things have gotten “awkward” since the roommates girlfriend decided to become a fulltime live in nonpaying resident of the household. Living in a little 1300SF house with an extremely lazy, dirty and loud couple got really annoying very fast, the get a job song by The Offspring comes to mind.
I made a big decision and moved my vehicles, axles, tools and everything else into storage and currently living with friends until I can live in the Unimog.
First I started by removing all the interior bits, the desks have been repurposed and are now my desks at work replacing the folding table I've worked at for two years.

Next I installed a portable A/C unit to cool the box down with the 110+ degree weather outside. I water jet an exhaust vent out of some 1/16” steel and riveted it to a flap on the side of the box, it works good. Then it was time to remove the heater ducting, some of it looked to have been covered with asbestos sheet, so I put on a full face mask and threw it all away.

Then off came the paneling, most of it is reuseable but some panels are too warped, cracked or damaged for repainting.

Every panel that looked ok was sanded until the surface was uniform and painted with semi gloss paint to a light brown color. Every piece of hardware was then stripped of the white paint and reinstalled.

Here is the current progress, I am about 20hrs into the "remodel" the bad panels will need to be waterjet out of some 1/8” MDF.

I ordered some LED strip lighting to tuck into the top rails, I am excited to see how it turns out!
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