My 66 Unimog 404 Cartography Truck


So I got a trailer! 14K capacity and threw some steel sidewall load rage G tires on it, the mog tows great! The trailer opens up a new range of possibilities for Unimog exploration.

And the new Tow RIG! scored it for $1600! LLY Duramax that was thought to be dead but only needed a fuel filter!

So I took it to the original place I got it from all those years ago, Prescott AZ.

Hills were extremely painful, sometimes I was going 3-5MPH up them! it was fun however, traffic didn't mind I just drove in the shoulder.
I became an expert clutch user too! 4 tons or so, 80 something HP, heavy traffic with people on my butt... it was a learning experience!

She probably thinks it would make an awesome minivan!

Prescott was beautiful, fun to go around town and not have to worry about overheating anything.

And the rain was fun!

This was the unlikely trio of vehicles we explored the Senator Highway with; you have Slow, Fast and Normal!

Monsoon season is awesome!

Found a cool abandoned mine camp, the Unimog is so slow you get to see things that you do not normally see.

Runoff from the mine shaft.

Natural Unimog habitat.
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I'm contemplating getting the same 11r20's for my 404. Yours does not appear to have a cab lift, or does it? Have you ever experienced much tire rub?


I'm contemplating getting the same 11r20's for my 404. Yours does not appear to have a cab lift, or does it? Have you ever experienced much tire rub?
No cab lift, they do rub on crazy obstacles but it does not annoy me and has not done any mechanical damage.

however, this just happened! it still holds air but the 11.00R20's look fine but are seriously dryrotted! there is a reason why used "new" military tires are cheap used military tires. Probably going to step up to some new conti's soon, I have no spare now!

Why yes it does.... I see you have no shame in hiding the pants bulge either... right on!

Oh, and nice build!
Hey, hey, hey:) srsly that's my cellphone!

Poor Unimog is a virgin :hehe:

The following is going to demonstrate how things are got weird, or interesting depending on your viewpoint... I have actually been living in the back of the Unimog the past few months, life hit me hard.

Shortly before country thunder I found out that my love of seven years was seeing a co worker twice her age! hence the rebound ladies!:Wow1: Anyways, I dont put up with that stuff and walked from the rental house that we lived in and have been trying to get over her. I did not want to get an apartment so I threw away most of my junk, gave my extra belongings away and put some vehicles in storage.

I been full-time living in the Unimog since, it has been fun. I just go to the gym, work, look for rental homes and watch movies. The bathroom situation sucks (dont ask lol!) but other then that, living in the back of a 404 Unimog (and crashing at various friends places) is not too shabby. I shower at work or the gym, I eat out now but healthier and lost alot of weight! Due to the Phoenix heat I need to keep it plugged in to run the A/C but I am looking forward to the cooler weather. It is really, really nice to not have to pay for home bills anymore, I just have to pay for car insurance and cellphone! I have my mail sent to my mothers place in town now and get packages sent to work. I keep myself busy so I basically sleep and watch TV inside it, the social life is awesome now and I have reconnected with friends I have not seen in a while.

The Unimog does attract a lot of attention so I keep it parked at work and sometimes take it to friends places. It is pretty exciting, I move it around and like to stay in different spots for a few days at a time. Every person that comes into contact with it loves it! I have made many new friends and it does not seem to be a deterrent. Sometimes living in the Unimog feels like a cool dream and other times it feels, not like that. Changing and stuff in the Unimog kinda sucks since you cant stand up, but it does have alot of room inside! I really want an Engel Cooler and may pick up one soon but I use non-refrigerated things for the time being.

Anyways, sometimes I throw it on the trailer and take it on extended adventures! Here was the most recent one, I hung out with this crazy group of people called "hashers" they are a drinking club with a running problem (and crazy exhibitionists), good people, they loved the MOG!
Here is my buddy Igor just chilling atop!

I drove the sucker to the Mogollon rim, it was beautiful!

I have certainly reconnected with nature.

The Unimog always leads to good times and fun conversations with nice people.

The typical setup with the generator to run the A/C, the EV4000 was too thirsty so I use a little honda invert unit now, it consumes little fuel and is way quieter.

Anyways, ethically, I have changed, the past few months has taught me that bigger is not always better and less is more. I now realize change is never easy but now know that love is never found, it is built. Good thing I am pretty good at building things, so here is to building something new.
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It's funny how a vehicle can become an integral part of your life, it stops being just a mode of transport, becomes your home, and then also becomes a tool to let you connect with people. It's amazing that a pile of metal and plastic can end up shaping your life.

Take care of the truck and you've got a lot of fun ahead of you.


Living in the Mog sounds like a great time... and clearly something most gals wouldn't be into. Sounds like you won. Remember, never trust a 25 year old with a belly-button ring.


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Add some solar panels on the roof, add a water tank, and a cassette toilet and you will be all set for full time adventures!


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I hate to say what state my Mog is in at the moment, but you inspire me to get off my arse and get it back in the lineup.

Breakups suck, and especially suck under that kind of circumstance but I have to say, if Miss Snow Cone in a Baseball Cap couldn't go a long go way to easing that pain you might already be dead. :)


but I have to say, if Miss Snow Cone in a Baseball Cap couldn't go a long go way to easing that pain you might already be dead. :)
Nah, with or without her he ain't dead, far from it actually - check out his other thread, he's back to doing awesomeness to the Comvee, that's proof enough I'd say :D

Bummer about the Mog tire tho, but ah well, it happens, all the more reason for some nice and new new sneakers (well, in his case, hiking boots).


Dismounting and mounting Unimog tires sucks!

And I found another, like new non-dryrotted 11.00R20 on the Epay!

Since I live near truck, commercial tire and heavy equipment places I went to three shops looking for someone to mount my spare. Literally all of them turned me away, "too old of tires" "too big of tires" "Unimog tubeless rim?!" meanwhile they are mounting 20 year old giant tractor tires on everything...

I swear, lawyers and lazy people ruin america. Sometimes you just need to go to south phoenix to get anything done.
So I go the the llantera, the people there are way nicer and just love to mount tires!

Of course, tall skinny, white boy that cant speak Spanish comes rolling up with a 144lb tire, they laugh, look at it and give me the "nod" and I know its on!

It took them 10 minutes to get that lip over the rim! Crapload of work.

And about 50 times hitting it with the cheetahs!
they countdown, UNO DOS TRES and hit it, laughing half the time.

but hey, they got it mounted... cant beat that, I miss driving the Unimog and now I can again! The cost for half an hr of backbreaking work... $30 I gave them $40 because they bused butt to get it done.
They asked what it was going on, I showed them photos of the Unimog and they loved it. Nice guys!

Just glad to have the Unimog running again.