My built from scratch offroad trailer

It's been a lot fun trolling this site for ideas for my own offroad trailer. I attended the Expedition Offroad East last year and realized there was a better way to camp. I'm working out of a 2014 Wrangler Unlimited. Although I've been able to pack for a comfortable weekend i still had to leave many of the comforts of home at home. I started out by purchasing a Tepui RTT. I loved the tent but hated the thought of tearing my camp down if i wanted to go exploring or god forbid there was an emergency and needed clear out in a hurry. The trailer allowed me to pack it, set it up and leave it. I started with ideas and pictures and plenty of research. All of this was consolidated and converted to drawings in autocad. Shortly after i taught myself to weld aluminum i began to order materials. There were a few changes along the way. There were parts that were over thought, and of course problems. Enjoy...
Once all of the welding was done its time to apply the skin. I chose 1/8" marine grade plywood. I glued it to aluminum with 100% silicon. I did pull a few wires while the wall were open.
I also used 1/2" marine grade plywood for the roof so it would withstand the weight of someone walking on it. Every compartment and space was purpose built for my equipment, from the tent to the fridge to the lantern ect...
Got all of the skin. Coated the entire inside and outside with a 2 part epoxy from West Marine...not cheap. Then sprayed the interior with bed liner. Ready for the doors and primer. IMAG3180.jpg