My cap : Aesthetics vs Practicality -- {W1T0UT}


Expedition Poseur
See, I dont imagine its possible to sleep two people WITH the tool boxes on the DCU but I could be wrong. You are basically talking about the space between the wheel wells of the bed, perhaps a little less, available for sleeping.
Plenty of room between the wheel wells for a couple - as long as they aren't fighting.

I'm not exactly skinny & have no trouble sleeping between the wheel wells of a full size with my g/f (she's much closer to "average" than I am). There wouldn't be much room for anything else though.


Renaissance Redneck
As for the mpg - mine went the other way around. I lost 1.5-2 MPG with the cap that I attribute to the weight.
Uh oh... Someone was sleeping in aerodynamics class!:sombrero: If you lost mpg, it isn't from weight. The 200 odd pounds is nothing compared to all the clutter (rack and basket) bolted to the top of your cap.