My Cummins/Allison 1000 Freightliner MT45 Step Van Build

I'm back; My mom passed away in NY in January and I've been busy being the executor of her estate. You never know how the end of life thing is going to work out; but the feisty lady left on her own terms before the assisted care/nursing home thing ever appeared leaving my sister and I with a modest inheritance. As a tribute to her, I'm bringing some contract help to get this project moving as soon as the family homestead is sold. I'm counting on TJ Lassila of Roam Automotive in Wetmore, MI to be a big help. Also many in the local off-road community have offered their assistance. hopefully by this fall or early next spring we will be in the 4x4 mode.

Tone Ring.jpg

The good news is my tone rings are done; I have not pressed them all the way down yet but you get the idea.

Hopefully I'll be back soon - John
john906 said:
The transfer case will be a GM NP-261XHD manual shift rebuilt by Midwest Transmissions. They will install an aftermarket slip yoke eliminator by Canada’s Northwest Fab along with an oil pump shield to protect the case.
Good case, as long as you fix the pump rub issue. 261 is manual, 263 is electric shift. This is the OEM case that came with the LCT1000 (Allison)
Update 11/10/2016

Still working away, drivetrain components are about ready to be installed. Front axle is 100% rebuilt, and the rear axle is about 99% of the way there. Transfer case has already been delivered, a new process 261 married to the Allison 1000 with manual shift. Another unforeseen issue is that the 2 Wheel Dr. version of the Allison has a different output shaft splined count than the four-wheel-drive version of the Allison. Extra parts are one thing, having to drop the transmission for rebuild with the new output shaft is the bummer.
Steering his last engineering issue to resolve with the drivetrain. Freightliner had some rack and pinion units that I looked into; but they all were a little too wide to work with the Dana 60 front axle. So, plans right now are to go with the standard Ford at 550 steering box, and figure out the steering shaft issues as we go. Getting very excited about taking this puppy for a test drive in four-wheel-drive!
The boys from Roam automotive were invaluable in setting up these axles; very confident that these axles will perform well on my retirement journeys!
DSC06174.jpg DSC06619.jpg DSC06711.jpg DSC05184.jpg
You could also check with Earthroamer in CO for wheels - when I was looking into a DRW to SRW conversion on my F550 based camper, they had some good deals on used wheels and tires from customer upgrades.