My first truck happens to be a 89 4runner!


Nice work!

Try to keep that hatch on the rear seat shelf accessible (maybe cut the carpet around it?). It makes it much, much easier to access the fuel pump.

The heat foil should be a big help. After Herculining the interior, I noticed quite a bit more heat coming through the floor. I'm using a piece of foil bubble wrap insulation under the drivers' floor mat--seems to help some.


Looking good. Let's see some pics with the new carpet. I need to replace mine, and could use some motivation.


Finally took some pics there not the greatest but show the outcome.

This was before it was totally complete. I also replaced the seat bolts and roll bar bolts. Couldn't find high enough grade bolts for the seat belts.

It shows in this one how this vinyl is stiff and hasn't conformed yet to the floor completely.

The back required no trimming at all and fit pretty much perfectly. One of the next projects is to make some side paneling. Thinking about aluminum.


Looking good. You know, some of the 1st generations came with vinyl flooring rather than carpet. My old '85 did.


Picked up a bumper from Northwest Trail Inovations today, and did a local pickup. While down there I was able to swing a 3.4 also as well. So my next few months will be busy.


I have a question and any help from someone would be appreciated! I bought this 99 3.4 but it didn't come with a harness or ECU. Am I correct in assuming that since I only have the engine and they're all the same that I could use any 3.4 mt 4x4 Ecu, be it tacoma or 4runner? Or for some reason should I get a 99 4runner specific ecu? I plan to just buy the ORS wiring harness.


NW Trail innovations bumper and side marker + blinkers!!!!!

Truck started like this

Then we welded while it was on truck to make sure it aligned properly unlike the instructions.

We took it off to finish welding since we only Tack welded and then to grind and paint it.

Got it from this website , which strictly does weld together kits. The owner was very helpful and a nice guy. I'm not an expert in metal work but the bumper seems pretty high quality.

I didn't get pictures but because I had to take the blinkers out of the bumper and didn't want too cut into the new bumper too make holes for the assembly. I went too O' Reilly's and bought a double luminent bulb socket and according bulbs to fit. I cut the back of the original side marker housing. On the back of that glued a section of the blinker housing in which I cut. Used some aircraft grade epoxy and Rtv to seal them back up and now have blinkers and side markers in the same spot. If anyone needs more info on how I did this i can go more in depth if requested and go get pic's of the back to help out.


looks great bud! I really need to learn how to build bumpers and weld...itd save so much money in the long run